CVG: Kinect Review

CVG writes: "My left thigh feels as brittle as an old codger's elbow. My sardine-sized triceps throb like pre-teen adrenal glands enjoying an audience with Justin Bieber. My Trapezius is stiff enough to suggest someone's furtively injected super-glue under my shoulder bone.

I'm also suffering from other, less physical inconveniences: The aftermath of the incessant banging on my ceiling from the sleep-deprived curmudgeon in the upstairs flat, for instance; the spilled Robinson's stain besmirching my living room carpet; the fact I've had to look up 'Trapezius' online to work out which muscle is causing me jip."

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gigaware5000d ago

Surprised these guy scored it this high. I guess the score will depend on the amount of bias you have feel, taste and smell like which is usually what they are already use to.

Denethor_II5000d ago


Sorry to burst your bubble, but this only costs £35 as opposed to £130:)

Blacktric5000d ago (Edited 5000d ago )

Sorry to burst your bubble but you also need PlayStation Eye to use it. And Kinect supports 2 players which forces you to add another Move controller. I'm not trying to troll or anything but if you don't like Kinect, at least try harder not to look biased when commenting about it.

vhero5000d ago (Edited 5000d ago )

How does Kinect supporting 2 players force you to buy another controller?? It doesn't.. stop trying to justify the price.. That terrible.. Also Kinect can't even do more than 2 players for the price I expected at least that.. You want 4 players?? That's 2 consoles, 2 subs to live and 2 Kinect thank you very much! I have 3 kids who I play games with so the fact is Kinect is no good for me as I cannot play with them as they hate waiting their turn. Plus my room is too small anyway.

also gigaware go away all the Kinect threads you been banging on about how Kinect scoring higher and laughing then come on a thread where it's not and called them biased?? CVG are pretty much a reputable reviewer as they run a magazine etc.. So have to be. Unlike Destructoid lol


Blacktric5000d ago

Who said I'm trying to "justify" the price. As a hardcore gamer, nothing can make me buy Kinect right now because of its price tag and launch titles. I'm just saying that the guy is obviously biased when he says Move only costs 35 pounds. Yeah it does cost 35 pounds but if you don't have a PlayStation Eye, you won't be able to use it. And the thing you are just ignoring is, Microsoft is going "only" after the casual market with Kinect by using a completely different approach. You said you have 3 kids. Show me more than 5 retail games that supports Move which lets playing with 4 players at the same time. There are, what like 2 titles right now? And if you're not staying 2-3 meters away from your HD TV, then there's no reason to buy neither Kinect nor Move. Most of the HD TV's require you to play from that long anyway.

Denethor_II5000d ago

£300 if you want the 360/Kinect console package
£280 if you want the PS3/Move console package: No link though as it has sold out and gone right up due to independent sellers.

Perjoss5000d ago

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but this only costs £35 as opposed to £130:)"


5000d ago
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StoneyYoshi5000d ago

well they game move a 9.0 so i guess we gotta see some more reviews before people argue about wich is better.

justinb15000d ago

true, so cvg thinks move is better than kinect too

Jazz41085000d ago

Good score. I might have to pick this up once child of eden releases.

PS3pwnz5000d ago

I think micro$oft did more with that $500000 than just advertise.

Hades13375000d ago

I guess Sony paid $500005 to get Move scored higher then...

FriedGoat5000d ago

sony didn't even pay half that to advertise move.
thats why the first 500000 they make on kinect wont even be profit.

5000d ago
big_silky5000d ago

ooh another paranoid delusional conspiracy.

until you actually have proof of pay offs, shut up. as toolish as some fanboys are at least they let good scores on competing systems stand, it's not constant accusations of payola and shenanigans.

gillri5000d ago

I said a few eeeks ago on this site,

people who actually think Microsoft would pay people off need to grow up

bloody hippy conspiracy theorists

KageMonkey5000d ago (Edited 5000d ago )

You obviously do not know anything about Microsoft. Microsoft is KNOWN to use underhand business tactics if it means they can get a foothold and/or monopolize a market.

From paying out the media to standard organizations, Microsoft have employed underhand business tactics time and time again.

Read up on SCO's case against Linux. It stemmed from Microsoft having dealings with SCO to spread false information about Linux to slow its adoption.

Read up on Microsoft buying out the ISO in order to pass a vastly inferior document standard in order to stranglehold their Office monopoly.

Microsoft is known to deceive consumers if they can profit from it:

- Microsoft pays big names in order to pass their "controller-free" gaming as new and innovative -- But the functionality is no different than the Eye-Toy.

- Microsoft is tricking consumers to believe that "gesture navigation" to interfaces is the next big thing -- But "gestures" is one of the worse interface input one can conceive and Microsoft knows this.

- Microsoft is tricking gamers into believing the Star Wars demo is real -- But in reality, the game won't even be close to what they show. Microsoft knows that Kinect will NEVER be accurate enough for anything other than very simple games with very forgiving gameplay due to Kinect will NEVER be 100% accurate. Think about it: If the brightest minds can't even solve voice-to-text, due to the variations of human voice alone, what makes you think that a company that can't even make a secure internet browser can solve image-recognition with infinitely many variations of body shapes and sizes and infinitely many variations in movements?

As someone who has been working with technology for over 15 years, Microsoft's product marketing are based on lies and deception. If you are a consumer, you SHOULD NOT be supporting Microsoft.

PS3pwnz5000d ago

I was joking about the pay-offs. Besides, we all know Micro$oft would NEVER, EVER, NEVER consider a shameless thing like that to make Kinect sell more, right?