Eurogamer reviews Warhawk

Let's be honest here. Warhawk owes more than a small debt to Electronic Arts' supreme Battlefield franchise, its premise being very simple: get a large bunch of gamers into a huge virtual warzone, give them a range of weapons, vehicles and bases and essentially let them blast the living daylights out of each other. Sure, there's a whiff of strategy about the game, and a well-organised unit is going to wipe the floor with a bunch of out-for-themselves mercenaries but the core experience is very similar. It's all about the experience of being one man caught in the middle of all-out carnage.

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MK_Red4067d ago

Considering Eurogamer's high standards, it's a great score. They gave 8/10 to Gears Of War!

TheMART4067d ago

Its the other way around.

A reviewing party giving 8 out of 10 for Gears of War can't review. The average of Gears was 9.3 or so, AAA. Simple. They just simply do something probably one big gamble. You say it makes them credible, I say it makes them totally stupid

MikeGdaGod4066d ago

well Mart, thankfully we don't give a st!t what you say

FirstknighT4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

I'm still kinda shocked that this game is getting 8s. 5 levels is pretty lame. The graphics looks last gen compared to Call of Duty 4....especially the explosions. Everybody moves really cartoony and not very realistic. The physics are pretty bad also. This game doesn't do anything different than the hundred of other online war shooters. And all this for $40???

But I'll be checking it out this weekend at my cuzins house and see what it offers.

trane074067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Thats what you get for thinking ignorant. To say something is pretty lame when you havent experienced it let alone play it is stupid no matter in which way you want to twist it. But you do it all the time firstknight. Expecially when it comes to ps3 games, But im not complaining. The only one who's looking dumbfounded is you. Arent you the xbot fan who made the dumbass statement

"Fanboys buy a ps3, Gamerz buy a 360."

And then you still bother to bash the game like some dumb xbot besides the fact that nearly every gaming site gave this game praise and gave contradicting statments to your "bad phsyics" "cartoony movement" and other un-necessary negatory comments. It doesn't help any better that you've never even played it.

You go where the games go? Yeah. whatever. Dont mistake yourself for a gamer when you're just a fanboy. have fun at your "cuzins"

rukusa4067d ago

You'd be shocked if any PS3 game got good scores dude.

BulletToothtony4067d ago

somebody comes in and bashes on a ps3 game, making their oppinion that the game sucks, and then they say... i'll check it out later on..

dude if people say it's fun it's because it is.. it's not because we're trying to fool people, it's the best online experience out there so don't be dumb, and give your worthless opinions after you've tried the game and seen the graphics on an hdtv, because i have not seen water as good as i've seen in warhawk, it even has reflection,

so yeah, come back after you play the game ok bud

FirstknighT4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

I seen enough Warhawk videos in HD to get a pretty good view of the game. And the game definitely looks last gen. I'm sure the game is fun but so is the hundred of other online war shooters out there. This game looks like it was made for the kiddies. A childrens Call of Duty.


Of course I'd be shocked if a ps3 game gets good scores because it rarely ever happends. :p

AliC4067d ago

Because Call of Duty 4 will allow you fly around in planes and have up to 40 players playing together.

And to be honest you shouldn't simply judge a game by its looks, graphics are important but so is the fun aspect which this game looks to have.

nix4067d ago

you nailed him right! q:

trane074067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

You say all that dumbass negatory bull towards warhawk and you wonder why you're so "shocked" that it got good scores. Maybe thats because fanboys aren't the reviewers but "gamers" are. The one you are speaks volumes.

If you think that the game looks "last gen" and that its so bad, then you're basically saying that every site who has given this game high review scores are sadly mistaken? Or is it your devoted fanboyism thats clouded your judgement? pick one.

You did declare yourself the 360 gamer everyone loves to hate didn't you? Well, the title fits you, but we really don't need another mart asshole around here. If you declare yourself a gamer, then be one and stop fanboying like some ignorant dumbass.

FirstknighT4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Calm down kid. It's not that serious. I can see that you are one of those kids that probably signed that petition to keep DMC exclusive to the ps3, huh?

So much anger! It's a shame really :(

MK_Red4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

FirstknighT, Gears Of War got the same score from Eurogamer and that says something about quality of Warhawk.

harpua4067d ago

"Everybody moves really cartoony and not very realistic. The physics are pretty bad also."

you've just described Halo 2.5

trane074067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

I was basically laughing my ass off at your comment. Especially when I read your gamerpage with your fanboy manifesto consisting that you're "the 360 gamer people loves to hate", "360 destroys the ps3!!", "ps3 is junk" and other blatant fanboy crap.

Who's angry? It really must be you since you're trying to resort to a personal flame because I find your obvious 360 fanboyism a side splitting humor. You're right. Its not that serious. its just games. How many times have you told yourself that? If you have then there would be no need for your fanboyism eh?

This statment killed it "gamers buy a 360 but fanboys buy a ps3!!!!" Oh lol It really IS a shame. 51 ignores is one hell of an accomplishment. give yourself a hand. Lets give it 52. 100 more and you'll have MART's celebrity status.

rukusa4066d ago

Drop it bro, you didnt tell me off at all.

Way to miss the point with a unoriginal joke ;).

hellomrhieu4066d ago

Nice tactic there, FirstKnight. Instead of having a discussion with Trane07, you got owned and told him to calm down then tried to divert the discussion into a lame fanboy subject that Trane probably had nothing to do with.

You're one to talk about shame, aren't you? Keep jiving, man.

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s8anicslayer4067d ago

Agreed i thought i was the only one who saw liknesses to battlefield,anyway warhawk is a great game

SuperSaiyan44067d ago

I asked before and no answer, how much is it on the UK store? I am unable to check as not near my PS3.

xfrgtr4067d ago

Youre unable to check the price because you dont have a ps3

Leg-End4067d ago

@ fx 35 --- he could be at work

Bleucrunch4067d ago

Warhawk is not a great games.......its out of this world sexy. I am at work right now and all I can think about is playing WARHAWK! BRAVO SONY BRAVO!!!

PSN: Streeks1984 add me gete warhawk and join my clan and lets raise hell. Clan name: Blackice.

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