Finished Halo 3 Previewed, Scores Perfect 5/5 by GamesMaster Mag

GameMaster Says:

"The only, only we can think of is that, while it looks great it doesn't look amazing. Which is a stupid thing to criticize really.You wouldn't refuse Scarlett Johansson a snog because she had a bit of spinach stuck in her teeth would you? Of course not, so we'll just get over it.

GameMaster Verdict:

GameMaster Loves:
+The Perfect combat
+The Scope of it
+The Awesome
GM Hates:
-That everybody online will completely murder us"

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TriggerHappy4400d ago

And so it begins, the reviews are slowly coming in, I know EGM is giving this a 10 - FACT(can't hide their favoritism towards the game), Gamespot will probably give it a 9, IGN's review is what am anticipating the most though. They seem fair.

cloud3604400d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

what the heck is game master

Either way i know Halo will be good for a lot of FPS people....

I wouldnt buy halo if it was the best game ever created. All games like Halo suck. especially medal of honour

ktchong4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

GamesMaster Magazine webpage: http://www.gamesmasterlive....

According to Wikipedia, "launched in January 1993, ... GamesMaster is the biggest selling multi-format video games magazine in the United Kingdom, even outselling its critically acclaimed sister publication Edge."

The first and original Playstation was launched in Japan in December, 1994. So GamesMaster Magazine is *older* than PlayStation and, of course, the Playstation Magazine. You have to give the magazine credit for how long it has stuck around... a lot of gaming magazines, heck, all kinds of magazines, have come and gone since 1993.

4399d ago
darkequitus4399d ago

larr007=nasim=looser=breastfee der=does not own a console on PC, current at an internet cafe.

SlappyMcTaint4399d ago

I love how they mention the graphics aren't stunning, but yet don't take any score away from it. If this were a PS3 game, that would take it down at least a full point. But since it's Halo 3, everybody's teabagging each other over it and I expect perfect or near perfect scores from everybody -you know M$ will pay for those scores.

Halo is their bread and butter, Halo is the 360.

Mu5afir4399d ago

And the this is linked to a forum, where there is no other source. And how do you rate a PREVIEW? This isn't even a review of the game, I am assuming they didn't get their hands on the actual game as of yet.

Wii60_FTW4399d ago

halo isn't anything like Medal of honor. you're brain-dead.

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P4KY B4400d ago

I might have to restrict my internet to only looking at porn sites for the next month just to make sure i dont read any.

deepio4399d ago

GamesMaster is a big magazine in the UK, it used to be a TV video games show back in the nineties and the magazine was based on it.

Caxtus7504399d ago

MS probably has promotions running with those sites VERY careful!

XENOCIDE4399d ago

You've gotta almost completely isolate yourself from any HALO 3 info or reviews you come across. I remember right around the launch of HALO 2, every corner I looked on the net had some new tidbits of the campaign mode (as the reviews started to pour in). I think the only one I read was from my monthly subscription of GAMEINFORMER (it was either them or EGM), because they made it very clear they weren't going to ruin or reveal one thing about campaign to it's readers.

Stay away from the net, and surely the forums if you don't want anything ruining your experience.

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ktchong4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

According to Wikipedia,

"launched in January 1993, [that's before PlayStation 1,] ... GamesMaster is the biggest selling multi-format video games magazine in the United Kingdom, even outselling its critically acclaimed sister publication Edge."

GamesMaster was launched in January 1993; Sony PlayStation 1 was launched in December 1994 in Japan; so GamesMaster is actually OLDER than Playstation... and, of course, the PlayStation Magazine (PSM). GM has been around for a very long time. A lot of other gaming magazines have come and gone since 1993.

cloud3604399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

Gam master. i swear it hardly exist.. never heard of it. only mag i heard of in UK is PSM.

Not even Edge.

Is this a rating for the Preview..

Either this may be fake Halo is good for some, but perfect? bleh..

Gamestats score(gamestats average scores from every mag and website) for halo is 9.4 (highest for an xbox game)

Not even Halo 1 + 2 get 10/10 from any mag expect Xbox mag an EG

FirstknighT4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

Wow we just finished up with perfect scores from Bioshock...and now we're treated with another AAA in Halo 3. You thought Bioshock got good scores??? You haven't seen anything yet...

Be prepared for the best online experience possible on a console.

power0919994399d ago

It will be interesting to see how the two games comapare.

I have a feeling Bioshock will still be the king this year.

At least score-wise. Halo will do well, but Bioshock well? I don't know about that.

Can't wait to find out though.

Keyser4399d ago

Are you saying there will be no lag, mods, and rampant cheating like Halo 2 because that really ruins the experience online.

360RULEZ4399d ago

As i said before

Xbox 360 AAA's score 10/10

Sony "AAA" games, "hard hitters", and "system sellers" get 4/10. (see lair)

ps3 fandroids are currently suffering from nervous breakdowns .. aahahahhahahah.

I can't wait to play HALO 3.

4 million preorders already, and counting.

This game alone, will sell more than all the sales of PS3 games, combined.


ShiftyLookingCow4399d ago

welcome to my very very special list of wonderful people

sfinXters4399d ago

Next generation doesn't start before MS releases a new Service Pack.

duarteq4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

At least we can play hard and with no problems. Someone told me that normally it takes about 6 weeks to get a new Xbox after it goes to repair. Do u have a second Xbox for replacement ? And how's your driving skills ? still getting the "smoke" ?


Next gen is creativity, new things to see and play, have fun, not launching the same crap with better graphics ( yes, ps3 has also that kind of games ) but at least Sony is trying to change things, That's why i don't buy a console where the only "good" games are always too similar, the famous XFPS console. And i would like to see Gears on PS3 cause i really like the game and Xbox have one of best games ever, so don't call me Sony Fanboy.

Anal4399d ago

My 360 will never play that shyt. Overhyped, overrated.... crap graphics, same gameplay from 2. I will pass.

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