Kwari, new FPS driven by real cash for kills

London-based Kwari is aiming to shake up the multiplayer online gaming scene in a major way with its PC first-person shooter Kwari, which brings real cash to the forefront of frag action.

Kwari, reckons Kwari (that could get confusing), "will potentially change the PC gaming landscape forever" and explains that it's a game where players make money off each other in real-time.

"The game will ultimately be free to download online, but instead of being subscription based it will use a unique free-to-play/pay-to-play model whereby Kwari sells the player ammunition in place of flat rate charges or monthly subscriptions", the company has said.

Players fighting it out in Kwari for cash set up an account, are then matched on the basis of skill and enter a game at a pre-agreed stake level ranging from 1c to $1 a hit.

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MK_Red4071d ago

Wow, if done correctly, this could be the next big step in creating a real Unreal Tournamet.

sajj3164071d ago

The more you frag, the more you pay. I wonder what the payoff is for gamers?

If this is indeed going to be the model, people will HAVE to WANT to PLAY this game. It needs a WOW like effect on people for them to fork over cash for bullets.

Chabbs04071d ago

this is a terrible idea

jay34071d ago

Couldn't agree more.

i Shank u4071d ago

agreed. people cheat in console games when no money is involved; this is PC, which = easier to hack, add in real money involved, and it = disaster cheat fest

bednet4071d ago

That will obviously work out very well, cause we all know that people never cheat in games, especially when there is money involved.

I think it's WarRock that has a similar approach, I think you can rent guns and can't actually make money by fragging...I think. But it's still the typical balance problem, people that have money(real cash) to throw out the window have more ammo, weapons, health pacs, can carry more weapons and have access to more options.