Play TV priced

In the latest isue of the Offical PlayStation Magazine, readers are given an estimate of how much to expect to pay for the new PlayTV box:

'While you could easily sink £60 - 100 each on a Freeview receiver, PVR and Sling Box, the rumour is that Play TV will cost around £70'

PlayTV is expected to launch between January and April next year according to the magazine.

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sfinXters4065d ago

The link isn't working!

SafeRat4065d ago

That's because there isn't a link. I found this out myself by reading the magazine I just got through the post, so I decided to just post an image of PlayTV up instead, and type out the quote from the article.

Caxtus7504065d ago

atleast Sony are getting on with this. Where the hell is IPTV from MS? HEard nothing about it and im getting frustrated...gone teh same way as Live anywhere I imagine....

*sigh* Atleast Video Marketplace is coming to Europe...its a start.

Also a fair price i guess as a top Freeview box costs around £80.

MaximusPrime4065d ago

great! I will start saving for PlayTV. ;)

TheMART4065d ago

Wait a second... So if you just want a bit of TV (only free to air) on the PS3 it'll cost you:

600 Euro, and what in pounds 425 pounds or so?
Then you have to add 70 pounds on top of that, which is what, 100 Euro or so.

700 Euro for watching a bit of TV on your gameconsole, while the 360 gets IPTV through a software update, on a 349 Euro costing Premium, about 279 pounds or so in the UK.

Jees. The PS3 as alternative is getting more and more expensive, still does less, even on TV part. Don't get it Sony. This is overpricing!

MaximusPrime4065d ago

just leave sony alone. you are the worst troll ever.

Rama262854065d ago

TheMart: how on earth you still have 5 bubbles, I'll never know. Every comment I see from you is useless and just completely anti-Sony. Not to mention completely ignorant. I wish you'd just stay on the Xbox360 side of this site and leave us alone. Your comments wont be missed...

Snake_Doctor4065d ago

So IPTV will be free from Microsoft? I doubt that, you got any links?

pwnsause4065d ago

yea it will come as an update, but you will still have to pay for a subscription to IPTV, SO it cancels both out

AliC4065d ago

Do you want Sony to just give the device away for free?

Any DVB type device is going to cost you money so I don't see a problem, infant its a lot cheaper than I though it would be.

elitesupreme4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

but after seeing all of your ignorant, uninformed, and blind posts, i gotta hit the IGNORE button. Know your sh!t before you spit it, get it?

how r u gonna do your little comparison when you don't even state the fact that you have to subscribe to a $100 plus service form AT&T (US) for your IPTV?

Is it so hard to do a little research on something before you talk smack? sheesh!! first POG, now you too.

Wingnut264065d ago

Even though his comments rarely add anything to the conversation, they are fun to read. Sometimes when I see a good news post for Sony, I go to the comments > CTRL + F to find > and I search for TheMart or Bladestar or any of those others just because I want to know what kind of crap they are going to pull out of their a**.



stunt2134065d ago

u r seriously the biggest xbot in the universe, y dont u just go marry ur f**king xbox 360 and leave sony alone allright? Every comment u make is always dissing sony.

eLiNeS4064d ago

Fony Fandroids do the samething on the Xbox 360 side, it's fair game as I see it!

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pwnsause4065d ago

Until after feburary 2009, when the US Broadcasting system switches to Digital TV.

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