PlayStation Blog: EyeToy, Innovation and Beyond

Richard Marks // Senior Researcher, SCEA:

EyeToy helped us understand that while people definitely enjoy physical interaction and movement, they also want precise control and a simple, fast, reliable way to trigger actions. We also found that some experiences just feel more natural when holding a tool, or a “prop.” Seven years later, we’ve introduced PlayStation Move, which we think is the ideal combination of both spatial and action/button input. We here at PlayStation are always looking for ways to enhance the gamers’ experience and we’re looking forward to the new experiences PlayStation Move will enable over the next 10 years.

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Chubear2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

*Looks at all the uninformed newage gamers being duped & fooled like crazy this gen, shakes head and walks out*

Cratos87802931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

lol, I watched the video right to the end - I don't think that $150 Kinect can do anything that Eyetoy or PlayStation Eye can't.

Zir02931d ago

What about track in 3D without a controller?

Nitrowolf22931d ago

everything but that, pretty much with Move they are the same

AtatakaiSamurai2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

ziro, what the hell are you people talking about when you say things like this? are you just hopeless sheep?

eyetoy has many games that track your hand movement in 3d. forget about last gen eyetoy cause how do you think you knife people in socom and mag?

i still have not seen any game for kinect that tracks this magical 3d you talk about either so pls show me what you are talking about cause you can go on utube and see many vids of eyetoy tracking in 3d space and can play game right now on ps3 using move to track 3d space too

i've never seen so many people happy and willing to be used and abused like those that support ms gaming products. i mean this thing does NOTHING better than eyetoy of last gen and you all find ways to still spend tonnes of money on products that don't do as good as last gen tech and doesn't really work a lot of the time.

why do you people do this? why do you support this kind of service and products! don't you understand you are helping hold gaming backwards?

why. it just hurts my head so much when i think about it. why! you hate sony so much you will spend 10s of thousands of your hard money on products thats break too easily and don't work just to get back at sony?

thats madness!

Cevapi882931d ago

id love to see a 3d XMB on the ps3 with the move...with time i think it will happen

Game13a13y2931d ago

i wish Sony would advertise the heck out of the Eyetoy now so that people can see how last gen Kinect really is.

AtatakaiSamurai2931d ago

if you really LOVE kinect and its games and will be spending $250 on it at launch for the camera and 2 or 3 games then remember eyetoy has far far beeter games right now so

if you take your $200-250 and instead of kinect you buy the eyetoy you can get

PS2 brand new - $99
eyetoy brand new - $15
and about 30 eyetoy games

and it will all still be cheaper than $200. i mean if you love this stuff that kinect is showing enough to buy it i would think it makes more sense to buy the ps2 with far more games and much better games than what kinect has on the market.

i just dont understand. why would anyone that calls themselves a gamer buy kinect. this is crazy!

8-bit2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

This video is just Sony trying desprately to copy the success that is Kinect. I mean seriously, so many of those games are obvious rip off's of Kinect titles. Try harder Sony /s

Oh my lol I couldn't keep a straight face when typing that haha!

@The_Con-Sept - Are you thick? Did you even read my post? haha

The_Con-Sept2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

What did Sony copy from Microsoft? As far as I am concerned Sony copied Nintendo more than anything. Microsoft copied Sony. Get it right man. Eye toy has been out since 1999. There are many Eye Toy games that exist on the platform and yet some of them Microsoft has already taken a copy and paste function to. Even their premier demo for the ball breakout game was a copy and paste from one of Sony's tech demo's from 2001.

I agree with Chubear. The new age gamers have NO CLUE what is going on.

@8-bit did you even read the question?

darthv722931d ago

the eyetoy didnt get more attention from sony. Yet it is understood because they went back to the RD and came out with the pseye. The creation of move was a smart idea in that, by eliminating the processing of the person and only focusing on an object (sphere) it allows it to be fast and responsive.

nix2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

this was what i've been saying for a long time. sony has tried n played with camera tech for a long time. there is only so much the cam can do.

@Consept: i think u missed the '/s' in 8-Bit's post.

beardpapa2931d ago

Consept has a broken sarcasm meter.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2931d ago

"The device features an "RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array microphone running proprietary software",[16] which provides full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition capabilities. The depth sensor consists of an infrared projector combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor, and allows the Kinect sensor to see in 3D under any ambient light conditions.[7][18] The sensing range of the depth sensor is adjustable, with the Kinect software capable of automatically calibrating the sensor based on gameplay and the player's physical environment, such as the presence of furniture" EyeToy can't do any of that.

number472931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

oh right.. none of them do. they are all just Eyetoy & webcam games at the end of the day. Kinect hasn't shown anything its DONE that the pseye can't do. You guys always paste your XboxDefense form 1.14b, but the games still do the talking.

Kinect could have a nuclear powerplant, and it would still equal to Joyride. You bots are hilarious sometimes, never thought I'd see the day that Jason360 would be hyping a camera peripheral and 0 core games. You guys will literally buy anything from Microsoft at this point. I'm not buying the move, because its a gimmick. You're buying natal because you think you're going to be inside the matrix.

It has a flux capacitor, yet can only do Ricochet. And non 1:1 body tracking just hits objects with your outline. Kinects gunna sell to you guys(500 million in advertising & no hardcore game lineup for 2011 guarantees that), but stop pretending its new technology applied to gaming. You can't even rotate a 3d object like a paddle in your hand with kinect... christ. Why am I even bothering.

Patrick2931d ago

So far I haven't seen kinect do any of that either.. lol So far they have only showed what Eyetoy did years ago only Eyetoy seemed to do it better. But I am so glad kinect has the capability.. the promise of kinect looks so promising, unfortunately kinect itself hasn't shown any promise, except that it will be advertised to death with promises of the promise it promises only cant fulfill...
thats alot of promises. I dont buy and play ideas, I buy and play the games that comes from those ideas if they work... so far kinect doesnt. Please try harder MS.

edgeofblade2931d ago

Read this:

Then try to tell me Eye or Eyetoy can do anything Kinect can do... without your pants bursting into flames.

Death24942931d ago

Have you seen any games released by Microsoft that shows off that distinct feature? If you have then by all means post a video and link. Otherwise, stop reading off the spec sheet.

Death24942931d ago

Have you Look at tv superstars?
Facial recognition: check
Voice recognition: dheck

RageAgainstTheMShine2927d ago

The real daddy of motion controlled gaming. This is why you can't tell Sony they are copying Nintendo or whoever.

Sony owned Nintendo and Microsoft many years ago.

It's a Sony. : )

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vhero2931d ago

@Zir0 that worth the extra $120?? Really?? MOVE was created to add the 3D effect at a lower cost for a single player not to mention you can play 4 player.

edgeofblade2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I remember when Sony fanboys suggested that PS3 was a better value because you didn't have to go buy a wireless adapter or a wireless controller, or a rechargeable battery pack or Xbox Live. PS3 was a package deal that took "value" to "a whole new level".

Now, when talking about the multiple Move wands, the Nav controllers, the camera... that argument just vanishes and suddenly "choice" is important again, while the $150 buy-it-once Kinect is a rip off.



By even metioning 4-player Move gaming and Kinect being overpriced in the same breath, you invalidated your own argument.

alb18992931d ago


It is true that move can not do dance central or Sports in the right way that kinect does because it wont feel good dance with the controls in hands and because move can not track your legs in 3d.....get over it!

Gamefan122931d ago

why does it need to do it in 3d anyway? Just because it "can" for those games it prob doesn't

MNicholas2931d ago

that have gameplay isn't a copy of the games for PS2 Eyetoy?

alb18992931d ago

I didn't know dance central was in eye toy!

beardpapa2931d ago

he said "games that have gameplay isn't a copy" of the games for PS2 eyetoy.

he didn't say "games that isn't a copy"

keyword: gameplay.

Yes the EyeToy had similar dancecentral-like games. This was during the DDR era. They had tons of these [full-body] dance games in the arcades too.

Pyscho_Mantis2931d ago

bu bu bu kinect can see in 3D. -_-

Imperator2931d ago

Why do 360 fanboys keep reading of the Specs?

Why not show us what Kinect can do with proof? Oh, that's right, there's no proof becuase Kinect can't do all that stuff. MS is selling you a device for $150 that you can find on PS2/3 for only 30 bucks. That right there is a rip-off.

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frankymv2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

This looks like a shot across Kinect's bow. Sony is saying...."we've already done Kinect like technology back in 1999 Move is the evolution of this."

Christopher2931d ago

Yeah, a shot marketed towards the online people who have already made up their mind on which one they support.

Honestly, it's a worthless video since you're never going to get people who say Kinect is never-before-seen technology to change their mind no matter what proof you throw at them.

Sony should have just kept quiet and focused on actually advertising Move rather than putting out videos like this on the eve of their competitor's product release.

In the end, which one is better for gaming isn't going to matter. It's all about marketing and getting the masses into the product, something Microsoft knows how to do so much better than Sony. If the 360 hardware isn't proof of that, Kinect will.

gamingdroid2931d ago

"In the end, which one is better for gaming isn't going to matter."

It's not about which one is better for gaming, it is which one is better for the experience the customer desires.

PC has superior controls in almost every way, yet consoles with their pads/controllers are now a bigger industry.

With that said, I agree with you why post a video to a group of people that already support the PS3 and then make yourself look bad as a dig towards MS. It is evident and makes Richard Marx look childish and desperate.

Christopher2931d ago

PC is a hard one to use. Consoles are liked because of their general entertainment utility in a living space and the user doesn't have to worry about upgrading the hardware ever. So, don't think it was the controllers that made people migrate to them so much as the low cost and ease to use/maintain.

I do agree that it is about the 'experience' (I focus on gaming a lot, though) but that experience is typically always initially dictated by proven marketing.

MinskyM2931d ago

"It's all about marketing and getting the masses into the product, something Microsoft knows how to do so much better than Sony."


PS1: 105 million consoles worldwide
PS2: 150 million consoles worldwide - best selling console in history
PS3: 42 million consoles worldwide - third fastest selling console in history

Yeah, just lol...

Dnied2931d ago

not to mention PS2 is STILL selling

and PS3 is just gettin started

Christopher2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

So, you're proving my point by showing that Microsoft's second console is beating out Sony's third one due to their marketing?

Really, get your head out of the sand. I'm a huge supporter of Sony, but I'm not delusional to see the power that Microsoft has through their marketing.

Edit: It's sad that people tend to just blindly follow one console or another without realizing the strengths of weaknesses of each one. Seriously, tell me how this video is going to at all impact the choice people have already made to either buy Move and/or Kinect? None of the information is new, it's been on YouTube for almost a year now.

@MinskyM and TheBlackSmoke: So? It's still in third place. Last time I checked, developers only care about the current numbers, and those numbers have been fairly consistent as to who is in third place since the PS3's release.

Look guys, I'm not saying the 360 is a better piece of hardware or has better games. I'm saying this video is pointless except for those online who want to argue over which is better, Kinect or Move. It doesn't answer anything we didn't already know, it doesn't help to promote Move to the general public where the majority of its sales will come from, and it's just a lame shot at Kinect, which people have already made their minds up about.

If Sony wanted something worthwhile, they'd have done something to prove their methodology that was visible by and specific to the general public, not the online gamers who already know all this information. Perhaps something like coming out of the gate with their new peripheral and a mass appeal game that truly showed how awesome it was... at least that would have been the good business plan.

And if you honestly don't understand what a marketing powerhouse Microsoft is, then there's no need for me to discuss this topic with you at all. Refusal to see what Microsoft does with marketing just means you're going to throw the same statistics at me when I'm not even talking about which console is better or which one has sold the fastest. Microsoft is a better marketer of their products than Sony and most other technology devices out there. They're also in second place this generation, only their second in the whole genre of gaming as a whole, due to their ability to market a piece of hardware with an extremely high failure rate.

If you don't see that, then there's nothing I can say to change your mind. Just like this video does absolutely nothing to change the mind of those who have already decided to buy Kinect.

vhero2931d ago

It's still selling in US at least not in UK unfortunately Sony have stopped producing in UK at least I had to buy one pre-owned last week :(. Ah well at least it was only £30 but the sooner PS2 dies the better as we should start seeing PS2 games on PSN then *fingers crossed* The damn thing won't die though!

MinskyM2931d ago

The PS3 has outsold the 360 every single year it has been on the market.

It already dumped the 360 into last place in Asia despite the 360 launching a year early.

It already dumped the 360 into last place in Europe despite the 360 launching a year and a half early.

And it just about to dump the 360 into last place in worldwide installed base. And that is with the PS3 being 100-200 dollars more expensive than the 360 and millions and millions of duplicate 360s being sold thanks to the RRoD fiasco.

TheBlackSmoke2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

For the 1 millionth time..........

Cough!! ONE YEAR HEADSTART!!, $600....Cough!!

Dnied2931d ago

not due to their marketing, I'd say due to their 1 year head start...

That aside though, you are right in saying MS is the king of marketing but all this does is create initial hype and sales. I think the point of Min's post is that Sony while maybe not able to through half a billion dollars into advertising alone, they still manage to outsell in the long run as the quality of the products and word of mouth speaks for itself.

MS are the masters of marketing, but once the hype dies down the sales die down and they have to update (xbox bundles), drop the price (price drop last year i think?) OR create something new and re-release the entire thing (kinect/360 slim) in order for them to re establish the hype and increase sales. Sony is fairly consistent throughout its entire life span.

gamingdroid2931d ago

wow, look at the disagrees... finding yourself on the other line of fire?

Christopher2931d ago

***wow, look at the disagrees... finding yourself on the other line of fire? ***

I'm used to both sides disagreeing with me, honestly.

CYCLEGAMER2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Sad thing is that you got all those disagree's even though you are right, the people on this site really know how to show the true power and definition of a fanboy.

I agree with you though if the ps eye can do everything that the kinect can do, why not prove it to the masses and come out with a kick arse game and market the crap out of it, instead of putting out this childish internet video saying "we did it first"?

Dnied2931d ago

Because they DID make games and market them thats the point

It didn't get anywhere why would they want to try again? It was great at first then dies down.. That's what the Move is for I don't see why they would go back to PSEye on its own just to make a point.

I don't think this video is Sony being childish, I think its just to inform people I mean how would you feel if you came up with this incredible idea and made something of it... then ten years later some dumb rich guy creates something that in the end, is exactly like yours, and then makes everyone in the world think he was the first to think of this.

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yoghurt2931d ago


I think that is what they are saying though, is that Sony launched the eyetoy, with no controller and it was good and accessible but they learnt it wasn't ideal, which is why now they have the move

So you say track in 3d without a controller, but why? what is the point when you can hold the move and have more button input options etc etc they didn't continue down the no controller route for a reason

it's like Chubear says, its funny to see alot of new gamers that think Kinect is soooo innovative, really, it's not atall. And i'm not saying move is either, neither are innovative but move improves on a successful system, whereas kinect improves on a old system which Sony think wasn't working and chuck $500m advertising behind it

Zir02931d ago

3D tracking make Kinect what it is. Without it it would be an eyetoy/vision cam.

I don't see how having motion capture in your living room isn't incredible.

vhero2931d ago

Wow you really think 3D tracking is THAT impressive... You lap up everything MS say don't you Zir0? I feel for you fanboys I really do.. It's good but incredible?? Wow..just wow...

hi22931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

can kinect do 60 fps and can it support a higher resolution than pseye?i don't think so,oh and the pseye can do 3d tracking with the help of move

Patrick2931d ago

Um yeah doesnt the PSeye actually track the sphere of the Move in a 3D space? So that tells me that the PSeye can track in 3D, only Sony decided it would track more accurately if the thing it was tracking in 3D was the same all the way around (hence the reason for the Move and the reason kinect doesnt track accurately and without lag)

alb18992931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Move can track 3d but just for arms.
Kinect does not need to play higher resolution than eye toy!


Yes is impressive and it is something that will make possible things that wasn't in the pass.

HxCGamer2931d ago

you need help with your grammar...
also, your spelling

kinect is not impressive.
It will sell at first, but will die down.

Patrick2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

"Yes is impressive and it is something that will make possible things that wasn't in the pass"

Yes I agree, in the past it wasnt possible for my avatars legs to spaz out and flip over backward. Thank you so much MS for your contribution to gaming.

This video shows that Sony is truly working to forward gaming and be the best at what it does, and honestly I think Nintendo is doing the same.

alb18992931d ago


i'm learning english but you understand me, right?


I don't know be honest I think that the Kinect is just as much of an improvement over the eye toy as the move is to the wii mote. To deny this you have to be delusional. I mean think about it for a second:

Kinect vs PSEYE:

1.) Kinect lets you navigate your xmb and video content with just your hand. PSEYE Does not.

2.) Kinect lets you navigate your XMB games and video content using just your voice it also has voice recognition. PSEYE does not.

3.) Kinect has facial recognition. PSEYE does not.

4.) Kinect tracks your body in 3d space WITHOUT A CONTROLLER. PSYE needs the move in your hand to do this.

5.) Kinect games have better graphics than the games for the pseye or eye toy.


1.) move is much more accurate to your movements

2.) Move uses a camera instead of a sensor bar.

3.) Move tracks the controller in 3d space. Wii does not

4.) Moves graphics are better than the Wii's

BrianG2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I agree they are both improvements in their own ways.

But all the features besides the 3D body tracking can be done on the PSeye, its just software. They have already demonstrated facial tracking with more points than Kinect uses on your whole body.

If it has a microphone I'm sure they can do voice recognition.

Link provided by person below:
Yes it can not track in 3D, but it can do most of the 3D like games you see on Kinect, like the red ball game, you don't need to track 3D to do that, but I'm sure if they do it right the gameplay experience will be better.

I am a skeptic of Kinect, just like I was a skeptic of Move. I just got Move and its awesome, so to be honest I'm waiting to try out Kinect, maybe it will surprise me.

Gamefan122931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Darn it brianG i was typing and you beat me to the post before i finished =)

1.) back when eyetoy was out there was no xmb .. and of course the pseye can have it now on ps3 they just never implemented it, they will with move from what was gathered. Again software not hardware.

2.) pseye does have voice recognition , that is all software based not hardware, if there is a mic and software behind it there is voice recognition

3.) wrong again, again software based

4.) sure this i will give you , but so far nothing the kinect shows really shows that off at all, move has shown it already

5.) sofware again not hardware, and uumm how is kinect games better then killzone 3 which will use move?

CYCLEGAMER2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

You guys are missing my point here. My point is that the Kinect is an improvement over the PSeye being able to track someone in 3d space vs 2d space without a controller is an improvement. Being able to track the players legs instead of the just the upper torso is an improvement. Plus I know that MS is going to support the Kinect, cant say the same for my PSEYE.

If Pseye can do everything that Kinect can do then why hasn't Sony shown us? I want sony to show me that I can control my xmb with my voice or hand, show me that my ps eye can look at my face and tell that it is me. Talk is cheap.

Bottom line is if Pseye can do what kinect does why haven they shown us yet instead of saying "yeah we can do that we just don't want to". Thats like saying "yeah I can play basketball better than Lebron James I just don't feel like it". Can you imagine the move along with everything kinect has to offer??? That would be freakin awesome. But like i said I doubt the Pseye can do everything that Kinect does which is why they haven't shown us.

You can show all of the links that you wanna show but until Sony sends an update to my ps3 implementing all this stuff then i am going to continue to believe the kinect has more features then the pseye (which it does).

gamefan12 when I said the graphics are better I meant games that are developed for the pseye not games developed for the ps3 then use the pseye and the move controller to operate as an option, don't twist my words. Games that are developed only for Kinect have better graphics than the games that are developed only for the PSEYE.

Gamefan122931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

They have shown it, just look for it, videos are out there , heck there is a recent article up on the ng4 boards of a video that is just that

Patrick2931d ago

"Bottom line is if Pseye can do what kinect does why haven they shown us yet instead of saying "yeah we can do that we just don't want to"

Bottom line is the PSeye can, but it wasnt accurate and good enough for gamers, it was limited and still is. Thats why Sony kept working to give us more. Just because MS sells you something doesnt make it worth it. Just because they give it the ability doesnt mean it will truly work well or need it. I never owned an Eyetoy for that very reason. I regretted buying the PSeye for over a year for that very reason but now Sony has made the Move and it works and its great.

Gamefan122931d ago

here is the video

search on the internet for eyetoy games .. antigrav for one .. kinetic another .. they work just as well as kinect games if not better

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blackburn52931d ago

Move has it's pros and cons no different then Kinect. It's just that people refuse to see Kinect's. Their line up proves it without a doubt.