Dell seeks to blame Sony

"The world's largest manufacturer of personal computers, Dell, is to recall 4.1 million of its notebook computer batteries because of a fire risk." - bbc news

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player 15386d ago

you never know maybe people might end up liking them,
an exploding laptop, its the kind of thing james bond would have

DC RID3R5386d ago

ian flemming could have come up with ALL the sony drama!!!!!!

if this allegations true, sonys gonna getthe firing squad!!!!


specialguest5386d ago

i know you hate Sony, but you gotta realize that Dell make crappy batteries. if you search online about Dell laptop problems, it's usually the battery or power related. Dell is just using Sony as a scapegoat. even with this battery/power issue, i still consider Dell one of the best laptops out there.

shotty5386d ago

Special Guest, the batteries are made by sony, so how is it dells fault. Well they shouldn't have chosen sony in the first place. I guess companies will think twice and won't turn to sony for products. Sony is going down big time, it looks like the jig is up for them. I have a feeling the majority of that money is coming from sony since they made and sold dell the batteries.

Islandkiwi5386d ago

That is not a feature you want in a laptop.

Sphinx5386d ago

...I hope MS makes the Zune with a self-destruct feature!

BIadestarX5386d ago

hehe. I can hear it already, "Child gets his hand blown (literaly) by exploting batery inside PS3 Controller". Sony better come up with some statement before parents start saying, "Better safe than sony". Knowing Sony they will probably not say a word.

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