Mafia II Special Extended Edition and Add-on pack announced informs, that at the end of November/beginning of December gamers can expect Mafia II Special Extended Edition - the main game and all its add-ons in one pack (Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmy's Vendetta, Joe's Adventures plus Vegas, Renegade, Greaser and War Hero Packs), as well as a separate Add-on pack, for people who already have the game.

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Quagmire3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I knew it... Its how the industry is run nowadays:

-Release game with cut content
-Bonus content with Pre-orders
-Sell DLC for high price
-Repackage all bonuses/dlc and game in one pack
-sell for cheaper price than orginially was

Its happened to Batman Arkham asylum, borderlands, assassins creed, GTA4, Dragon Age Origins, Uncharted 2, Fallout 3, Bad Company 2 etc

I dont see the point of buying games day one anymore.