Eurogamer's first impressions on Burnout Paradise

Burnout is already synonymous with insane speed, great handling and big crashes. So what's next? Well - parking. Obviously.

Power Parking is one of the many things the new openworld Burnout lets you do. If you feel like it. When you see a pair of cars parked somewhere, it's your choice to use the handbrake to swing your car into the gap between them. Do it without hitting either car or smacking the kerb, and the game will recognise you for it.

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MK_Red4068d ago

Wow, awesome find. Burnout Paradise is the one I would kill for. "Power Parking" superb new addition. Can't wait for next-gen Crash mode. I missed it in Dominator.

MaximusPrime4068d ago

"power parking" - cool name and great idea!

It looks tricky but i look forward the Burnout Paradise as a whole.

Mr Marbles4068d ago

buy the power of grayskull, i swear on all that is horny, this game is the shiznit, this game is mine the second it hits the shelf.