E4G: Arcania: Gothic 4 Review

E4G: Imagine stepping into the shoes of an almost completely insane king who's living deep inside one of his own nightmares. You must fight your way through caves littered with undead skeletons and knights whose only intent is to peel your flesh from your bones. After sending the rampant spirits back to their graves you encounter a powerful demon who has darkened your mind and clouded your judgement. At the last second, the demon wisely retreats and maintains a firm grasp upon your mind.

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Hitman07693648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

This game looks pretty tight, I like the Action RPG style that Fable puts forth but for me Fable just never had enough going on in it. Feels very much like an unfinished concept especially in Fable 1. Perhaps this would be a good alternative for those unwilling to check out Fable III.

joydestroy3648d ago

i played the demo on PC and loved it. unfortunately, it comes with secuRom so i'll have to pass on this one =/

kancerkid3648d ago

Thought the demo was fun. Liked the ease of the combat system, also the streamlined magic-to-bowshooting-to-sword gameplay. Need to pick this up through Gamefly I guess to see if it is actually worth it

Perjoss3648d ago

The dialog and voice acting in Arcania is rubbish, I really liked the game world and combat though. PC version looks fantastic.

dkblackhawk503648d ago

This game triumphs Fable III in every way possible.

rekof3648d ago

that maybe true,.. It is still the most gimped Gothic ever made,..I kind of liked the story,.. Performance is shit on my rig though,.. Hope they fix some issues soon,..

gravv3648d ago

its the worst gothic i ever played and why in the hell they put gothic name in this game... they should just called it arcania or whatever the sh*t is... they dumbed down almost everything that makes gothic different from your typical PC's rpg, this is not gothic... but the graphic is pretty awesome and it has less bugs and more polished compares to any other gothic's games, i guess spellbound is more capable developer than piranha bytes