Crytek hopes Haze is remembered fondly

Eurogamer: "Crytek UK, the developer that rose from the ashes of the collapsed Free Radical Design, hopes that when gamers look back on PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze they'll remember it more fondly than they did at launch.

The ill-fated Haze was met with a 4/10 review score from Eurogamer upon its 2008 release.

It was the TimeSplitters creator's last game."

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callahan093643d ago

I personally thought it was a very good game and never understood why it was hated on like it was. The graphics weren't very good. OK. Granted. But the multiplayer had a ton of unique ideas, the way it incorporated events from the main story into the settings for multiplayer matches was very cool. The story itself was pretty interesting. The abilities you had were cool. Full campaign co-op for 4 players was of course an excellent inclusion, something very few games ever incorporate, and it did it well. There was a lot to like about the game in my opinion. I think if it had come out with no hype at all, but exactly the same product, it would have scored pretty well, somewhere in the high 70's and low 80's average on Meta. I think the hype disillusioned people, they felt it didn't live up to the hype so that clouded their ability to see that yes the game isn't particularly worthy of Halo levels of hype, it's still a fun, good game, and instead they just said no, it's not worthy of the hype, 4 out of 10, off you go.

ComboBreaker3643d ago

Poorly executed. Had it been given to a more talented development team, it would have turned out awesome.

Bobbykotickrulesz3643d ago

I personally thought it was NOT a very good game. The shooting mechanics were simply awful.

hiredhelp3643d ago

you what more talented team. are you having a laugh man.

so are you saying freeradical are sh*t. these guys have been around alot longer than some devs. and have some of the best titles in the industery.

as for haze. engine whys it was for that time stunning. even now it beat many multiplatform games. gameplay was ok too. problem was it got hit hard. WHY because it was on ps3 thats why end of...

Perjoss3643d ago

If these guys are in some way accociated with the development of Haze I think they should keep that quiet and not remind people, assuming they intend to go on making vodeo games, which I think they do. I'm not trying to be an arse but lets face it, Haze recieved dissapointing review scores (metacritic 55).

-Alpha3643d ago

My issue was that Free Radical souled their unique, quirky soul that was TimeSplitters for another, run of the mill, boring shooter.

The MP was better in TS, the story didn't take itself seriously, and the challenges were fun. Haze took that, stripped it all away for another generic military game, with typical barebones MP options, and tried to deliver a serious storyline.

It's just not who they were, and it's too bad that we can't see them relive the TS series.

theEx1Le3643d ago

It wasn't that its mechanics were simply awful, just awfully simple IMO.

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Bnet3433643d ago

I'll only remember Haze touted as a "Halo killer" Wasn't a bad game, but it was a foolish thing to say.

DeadlyFire3642d ago

I believe all of Haze's faults lie in the fact that Free Radical was running out of cash. If they had the budget I believe the game would of skyrocketed up much higher than it was. I hope one day CryTek makes a sequel.

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Hades13373643d ago

I certainly don't, it was a nice idea that was poorly executed, plus it was a victim of it's own hype.

SMW3643d ago

It wasn't the best shooter out at the time.

That said the controls and movement and shooting were all incredibly fun.

Dylantalon13643d ago

i liked haze, it was a mediocre game but i liked it. haze downfall was because it didnt have amazing graphics.

Pennywise3643d ago

Are you kidding me? The downfall of Haze was its bad story progression and absolutely horrible dialog. Cringe worthy.


After a whole game of this guy all junked out on haze... being a badass the whole time with no feelings.. they end of the game he dies and says "Don't tell my mother argghghegehghghghghh..." To this day, me and my friend use that line as the epitome of cheesy lines. Too funny. It was so bad it is funny.

darren_poolies3643d ago

I believe the thing he was all 'junked out on' was called nectar not haze, did you even play the game?

Pennywise3643d ago

It was over a year ago... Now that you say nectar I remember that. But yeah... I never played the game, but I know the guys last words.

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