GT5 Release – Who Do We Believe?

Play Mag: It can’t be released for the end of the year say some. The game is being pressed to Blu-ray right now say others. Who knows the truth?

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KratosGirI3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I believe in the shops I buy my games from. They ALWAYS sell PS3 exclusives days (or even weeks) before launch!

But for that to happen, we'll need a release date and copies being sent out to retailers.

Jaybad543648d ago

Theres a lot of mumbles coming out of the SEMA VIP party last night that there is going to be a big announcement from Sony regarding GT5 today (possible release date?). So we should know sooner rather than later

Narutone663649d ago

A so called "game journalist" or the one who made the game?

40cal3648d ago

I am going to believe Sony if they ever start talking about it again.

All_4_One3648d ago

I don`t know if I can even believe anyone at this point, lol.

acere3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

i believe when i see it at the store.
btw waltmart had a gt5 2010 demo last week when i was ther.

Steve_03648d ago

"i believe when i see it at the store."
Even then I shall remain skeptical until it is safely booted up in my PS3. :D

Ilikegames763648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

is that there's already a review. On N4G front page click Gran Turismo 5 on the right side where the hottest games are located. You will see that there is one review from a website that gave it a 6. It's not even a review for GT5.

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