The Great Analyst Debate - Move and Kinect

VGChartz brings you "The Great Analyst Debate" - a new regular feature in which we debate key industry topics with our friends from the analyst community. Joining us this week are:
Michael Pachter (Wedbush Morgan), Brett Walton (VGChartz), Colin Sebastian (Lazard Capital Markets) and Jacob Mazel (VGChartz).

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Christopher3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Kind of disagree. Too much of the VGChartz guys talking, not enough throwing questions to the professionals for new answers as opposed to the same thing we've heard them say time and time again on other sites.

Honestly, Mazel, people are reading this to see what the experts think, not to read your huge paragraphs on what you think.

If it would have just stuck to answering non-VGChartz guys questions, it would have been better for me and would have left out a lot of unnecessary numbers spiel that added nothing to the conversation.

bmw693648d ago

Mazel is one of the analysts...

postofficebuddy3648d ago

Pretty cool article. Pachter's views on Move and Kinect are rather interesting. And personally I don't think Black Ops will top MW2 either, although I think it will come close. And I really don't see a Wii price cut until next year either. The value-added bundles should be more than enough to give it a very good holiday.

naznatips3648d ago

I somewhat agree with Pachter here.

Torillian3648d ago

Which part? you think Kinect will do about as well as Move? Seems unlikely to me with all the money they're putting behind it in advertising and games from 3rd parties coming out for it.

franco3648d ago

I disagree, Black Ops will be bigger than MW2

Rubang3647d ago

Yeah after Infinity Ward died, I think the MW fans are going to flock to Black Ops. Also, you can play Fidel Castro vs. Zombies in it.

bmw693647d ago

All depends on the reviews it gets IMO...

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