SOE Offers European Gamers the Chance to Join the DC Universe Online Beta

While the highly-anticipated DC Universe Online may have been delayed til early next year, eager gamers need not endure the wait, as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has revealed an opportunity to join the action immediately. Along with gamers in North America, European fans now have the opportunity to join the beta testing phase for DC Universe Online.

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avengers19783648d ago

I hope they have a beta for the US, I am interested in this game, but would like to play it to see if it's something worth paying for every month. I'm not sure I would be able to put the time an energy into to make it worth while, but if I had a chance to play it and see how your Hero/Villian can be customized and progress, how the gameplay handles, just what you can do. I'd be more inclined to buy.
It would be awesome if you could build your self up as the ultimate hero, then turn on the JLA destroying them from the inside.

kevco333648d ago

The beta's been going in the US for over a month now! Read the article and it'll tell you waht you need to do to get on it...