Dead Space 2 features 4v4 online multiplayer modes

EA has told Strategy Informer that Dead Space 2 will feature 4v4 online multiplayer on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Players will be able to play as either Necromorphs or Humans on 5 objective based maps.

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Daddy-O_243643d ago

they should put more players like 8vs8 and 10vs10 some thing like that i do not want to go around a huge levle looking for four guys that is just not fun..

avengers19783643d ago

This is one of those games that doesn't need multiplayer...TO all game devs, great single player experiences are still highly appreciated, and needed.
I haven't played it yet, but 4v4 seems low.
AC:Brotherhood beta was only 6 players though.

darksied3640d ago

There's a reason it's a low number. This is similar to the Resistance 2 co-op missions, so it's not PvP, it's human vs monsters. The difference is this is supposed to be a scary game, and I'm guessing having 8 or 10 or 40 humans on a side kinda takes away from the scare factor. Remember, Left4Dead only has 4 players on a team; any more than that, and the fear factor drops considerably.

Fossil163643d ago

I was in the beta. The level we had access to was not huge, it was a medium size map. And the MP is actually really fun. One advantage you have as the necro is you pick your spawn points, which can be any of the vents around the humans! Even the number 4vs4 may seem low, it's a pretty busy space (no puns intended)!

Quagmire3643d ago

Imo, I had more fun with the Assassins Creed beta than i did with the Dead Space 2 beta.