New PlayStation Plus Content For November And December [Europe]

The European PlayStation Blog writes:

"It’s now time for the next regular update to Plus and to let you know what’s going to be coming up in the run up to Christmas."

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BrutallyBlunt3647d ago

Most things we see on a monthly basis are just rehashed games that dont sell anymore. I'd like to see more features within the service itself. The background downloads is a start. I have also gotten access to the Assassins Creed Brotherhood beta, so that was cool. But i want to see more things that sets the "Plus" apart from the rest of it.

Theodore873647d ago

I don't think you can ask for more when it's only $50/year and a few months old.

mushroomwig3647d ago

Exactly, the service will evolve overtime. Just look how far updates have taken the PS3 firmware since launch.

lelo2play3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I agree. The past couple of months and the next 2 months only crap in PSN+.

2 months ago I wasted 50€ to become a PSN+ member for 12 months... biggest mistake i ever made. Honestly PSN+ is not worth the money. Unless they seriously improve their offerings... i will not renew my PSN+ account.

mushroomwig3647d ago

Not everyone can be happy with the updates, either people already have the product (which is hardly Sonys fault) or people just aren't interested in what's being offered.

Chubear3647d ago

So far I've not really had an issue with the service. It's in it's infancy and as time goes on it will evolve when Sony understands more what subscribers want.

I've already gotten over $50 worth of value but yeah, these rehashes of games already offered, or old games people may or may not have picked up back in the day, or game I'm not at all even interested in, crappy betas (Assassin's Creed & Dead Space were rubbish IMO), it's all getting rather old.

Well, put in my initial support for this service cause I could see it's potential but it goes without saying, if by the end of my 13months I don't really feel necessarily that I need it, then I won't be renewing for sure.

3647d ago
meehanprime3647d ago

I agree with you LevelHead, still waiting for cross game chat. Thought that it was going to be exclusive to ps+ members but cant do it yet or maybe I missed it. But am looking forward to replaying oddworld and the dynamic themes.

xTruthx3647d ago

Y would you think it be exclusive for psn+ members ? Sony said cross game chat would be for everyone

Paradise Lost3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Automatic downloads makes it so worth it + alot of cool free themes!

Shazz3647d ago

cross chat is the 1 feature that would get loads subscribing to plus so i dont know why they dont just do it

mushroomwig3647d ago

Cross Game Chat is a firmware feature, why would it have anything to do with a discount service?

Shazz3646d ago

i know what your saying but same can be said for the automatic download feature thats part of ps plus , why is that there if its not about features

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