Capcom: No plans to buy more studios at this time

Rely on Horror writes: "After their latest aquiration of Blue Castle Games (Dead Rising), Capcom has no further plans to buy any other studio."

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imvix3650d ago

Not surprising after the recent rounds of losses (200million USD). If i recall correctly it was 600million usd for the last year. I wonder how they manage to hang around.

This is exactly what happens when a company is mismanaged and relies on releasing yearly rehashes.

Vojkan3650d ago

Sony should acquire them and save IPs they have before going totally down the toiler (i am looking at you Slant Six-Resident Evil)

imvix3650d ago

Oops my bad those figures were for EA. Either way Capcom isnt doing to well.

RedPawn3650d ago

Then at least buy the rights to the EX series- "You Bastards."

Losing Inafune is a major blow.

Vojkan3650d ago

Don't know about that one.