Halo Reach Noble Map Pack

Bungie is preparing for the release of their first Map Pack for Halo Reach. On November the 30th the "Noble Map Pack" will hit the DLC market, at the price is 800 Microsoft points. We all knew this was coming, but I'm not sure many people are excited for this new installment. Bungie is releasing 3 new multiplayer maps, but two of them are designed for Big Team Battle. Hella boo. I don't blame Bungie for releasing this colossal pile of guano right before Christmas, but could we get some more competitive substance? The Noble Map Pack will include several new Achievement points worth a total of 250 Gamerscore. Here are your Noble Team Maps!!

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ddelella3643d ago

I think they owe big team battle fans a few maps. They installed 3 new user designed maps, most of which are small, close quarters combat maps. The big team users are stuck with 3 actual big maps and the occasional craziness of Boardwalk with 16 players. I will definately be purchasing the maps because unlike some I also have friends who enjoy more people to kill!

PG_Rage3643d ago

That is true that the BTB fans haven't really gotten anything since the release. I guess the majority of people that play Reach want to see a good competitive map that can be played at tournaments. The ones they recently added aren't all that great for competitive play. Just have to wait for more users to make maps I guess.