Gran Turismo 5: First Footage From The 26th International Automobile Trade Show

A new video shows some first Gran Turismo 5 footage from the 26th International Automobile Trade Show in Sao Paulo.

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loeb803643d ago

STILL PROLOGUE GUYS...!!! unbelievable... did you understand DON'T FEED THIS GERMANS ANYMORE......

---stone---3643d ago

Still prologue? Its been a while since ive played GT5-P but I dont ever remember prologue having the car being driven in this video...that Custom built for GT5 Citroen....

Antan3643d ago

Its Prologue. I think its pretty evident to everyone now that the owners of N4G don't give a toss about what ends up on here, Acurate or not. Very sad really.

visualb3643d ago

n4g is a joke, its more about getting hits and stupid articles than actual news =P

soundslike3643d ago

its just like normal forums, the OP doesn't matter. Its all about the childish arguing that proceeds. :D

3643d ago
BrutallyBlunt3643d ago

Just release it already. Or at the very least have a new due date. The game looks incredible but i'm tired of hearing about it. I just want to play it.

visualb3643d ago

you either never played GT game on PS3 and/or didn't watch the video and just commented to further pointlessly state the fact that it hasn't released yet.

we get it

next time make sure you at least watch the video before commenting

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