Call of Duty Black Ops: Sniper Killfeed L96 - ACOG Quickscoping

This new Call of Duty Black Ops video shows an impressive Killstreak with a L96.

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xAlmostPro3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

your source video has been removed :)

But im glad to see treyarch stuck to there word and didnt fully remove it, and it looks more similar to that of Cod4/Waw now.. rather than the sleight of hand pro crap in mw2 lol..

Now its purely down to the players reactions & aim.. i still hope they remove the aim-assist for snipers too though. Cant wait to get my QS on :D

P.S its not an acog :/

StanLee3644d ago

You can't remove quickscoping without removing the auto aim. Like I said, players quickscoped in Modern Warfare and did it successfully. They will adjust to the sight speed of the sniper rifles and still be successful at it.

Dark-Cloud3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

i said this befor , this game will have cod 4 and 5 gameplay , u can check my comments :) ... it's going to be amazing :) , but not as good as cod 4 was because in the past we love the game because it had a new gameplay but now they only changed it a little , but still going to buy it and trust me , this game will be the best of them :) ...

the worst things in cod are sniper and knife , i hate them >.< ... if you saw how i play and how people kill me in the game you will understand but just looking at the comment will make you disagree , the most importent thing in this game is auto aim , they must turn off the auto aim !! when i get near someone and wanted to hit him with knife i get killed and when i want to shoot someone i aim at him and someone run near the aim it gets slow and makes everything worst , it's hard to say this in a comment >.< ... i just want them to remove the auto aim ...

Trunkz Jr3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

THAT'S NOT QUICK SCOPING!!! That's just quick sniping. Difference? Your actually looking into the scope optical, as opposed to not giving it a chance to do it at all...

xAlmostPro3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Well its still Quickscoping. This is how Quickscoping was originally until mw2 allowed sleight of hand pro for snipers lol..

Then because QS became so easy in mw2, to the extent every 12 year old could do it and began saying anything more than a fully blacked out scope was not a quickscope..because they thought they were/are pro's

But its good to see its went back to its roots xD I cant wait tbh, they're(the little 'pro' kids) all gonna go on black-ops try there QS because they think they're good and get totally destroyed.. "ahh let boost for CP and buy sleight of hand pro"..damn its not in the game :( ..then lets just noobtube.. "ahh theyve patched this too".. "damn this game actually takes skill again, this sucks! lets go back to mw2" :L

Meanwhile those good at QS will adapt and still create beastly montages :]

ChronoJoe3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Nah, first post is right. You don't look into the scope at all, you fire at the point where aim centers not when target is visual in the scope, else it's just quick sniping, or quick hardscoping.

Dudix23644d ago

I hate that website!!!!

genocidegeneral2153644d ago

stop reposting ><
this has been posted at least 3 times ¬¬

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The story is too old to be commented.