Resolution: Fallout New Vegas review

Resolution's Greg Giddens writes: Two years after Bethesda revive and reinvigorate the series with Fallout 3, Obsidian now take the reins with Fallout New Vegas, bringing along some of the development team from the original titles for the ride. What the new team bring to the table is a stronger focus on the RPG mechanics and the game thrives on them. This could well prove to be another game of the year entry for the Fallout series.

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LF913643d ago

I agree, i've played about 16 hours and have only just made it to vegas. There is so much to do in this game i keep getting distracted by side missions and exploring lol.

3643d ago
RealtorMDandDC3643d ago

I'm 45hrs in.......reset about 5 times....terrible framrate...drops to 10-20fps......painfully long load times......I fucking hate the fact that Fallout 3...played so different than this and it's the same game engine...............Fallout: New Vegas for the Sony PS3 is a fucking flawed techincal abortion.........DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!

And I hate reviewers that do not mention the incredible amount of technical issues that has plagued the PS3 version even with the patch......which did not do shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zinc3643d ago

This game is great. I have spent about 60 hours playing through all the side quests I can and I haven't even set one foot in New Vegas, yet! I have experienced a few crashes and some issues with enemies floating in air a few times, but overall, the game has been pretty stable. I have the PC version.