Take A Stance Against California's "Violent Video Game" Law

ISM: I'm quite sure most of you have heard of the California government's proposed "Violent Video Game" law which would regulate the sales of "violent" video games if it is passed by the Supreme Court.

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TeenGoten3648d ago

The law is very unconstitutional

tdogg060519913648d ago

It just makes it so parents who give games like GTA4 to their kids can't hold the makers of GTA responsible for Sex scenes. Look kids are not supposed to play R rated games hands down. It is righteous and not a bad thing. Besides even if they make those games for adults only I dont mind, add ass loads of blood and sex and insanity and I might buy it lol

bossblue3648d ago

BS! If this goes through, then ALL is lost for Gamers...

FanOfGaming3648d ago

This law is more dangerous than it sounds