Hackers defeat latest MS game protection with new exploit

The bad news for MS is that their latest game protection has been exploited.

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Pandemic3650d ago

I'd rather purchase the game itself to support the developers, rather than go through all that just to get a game..

steve30x3650d ago

LOL What did they expect? The Update is out two days and its hacked already. It makes me laugh the way developers blame Piracy on the PC for them not developing for the PC but they still develop games for the Xbox 360 when the Games are just as easy to download for the Xbox 360 and Piracy for the Xbox 360 is getting worse all the time.

Raikiri3650d ago

the thing is 90% of console owners prefer to actually buy their games, rather then go through the process of modding their console.

PC piracy is a lot more tempting since you don't have to mod.

GTmonster3650d ago

they still havent hacked ps3 properly

Raikiri3650d ago

Idk there are a lot of different PS3 hacks out there, but still i don't think any sane gamer would want to go through all that, just for fable 3, lol