Kinect 'brainchild' Alex Kipman explains Kinect lag

In an interview, 'brain child' of the team behind Kinect, Alex Kipman was asked if there is a certain level of unavoidable lag input with Kinect,to which he replied “no.” He gives a ‘real world example’ using driving a car as an example.

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MaximusPrime3648d ago

Brainchild certainly got brain. /s

r0gueZA3648d ago

lol..yip, helluva scientific!

ComboBreaker3648d ago

So according to Microsoft,
when I move my hand, and it takes Kinect 3 seconds later to copy it, it's actually my fault because...

"if you think about it, the actual human introduces, and forget about USB, the devices, anything like that, the actual human introduces lag."


So according to Microsoft, Kinect doesn't lag. It's me who's lagging. LMAO!

Domer253648d ago

I was thinking the same thing. WTF.

GamingGamer3648d ago

but there is def delay with cursor...

if you move from left to right even at normal speed, you notice delay.

if you move fast enough, you notice horrendous delay on cursor. i can move my arm from left to right while the cursor still stays at the left side of the TV.

in the end, this is just an excuse by MS that the lag cant be fixed on Kinect. so deal with it

darthv723648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

he does have a point. With regards to digital input it is just on or off. There is no middle. The introduction of analog controls in a game offers up the slight variances of motion.

Think about it. The whole thing with the analog and killzone 2 for example. The lag the controls had were fixable but still present as opposed to a real digital input.

We all have slight differences in the way we move. Especially the speed at which we move. It kind of makes sense why there would be lag for one person and maybe not for another. Differences in performance based on the differences of the players.

You dont get that in a digital controlled environment. You move your character forward or backward using a d pad, they walk the same pace. You do that with analog and the character can creep along or run.

Truth be told, I have had lag in the move table tennis. I guess my hand was way to fast for the camera to keep up. The guy told me to be more natural and so it worked. I still sucked at the game though.

It is natural for you to try and compensate for mistakes in movement. You go to far one way, so you over correct the other until you find the right pace.

divideby03648d ago

combo.... spot on.... they should just leave some stuff off the table and not try to make crap up which just makes no sense

Sarcasm3648d ago

Wow, here I thought it was the devices that introduced lag. It's because of Humans huh?

kneon3648d ago

Is this guy a politician? For all he said he still said nothing.

AllroundGamer3648d ago

Humans baaaad, devices gooood...

kaveti66163648d ago

I see.

So when you decide you need to create a new account for trolling, it takes me 13 days to realize you've done it.


lowcarb3648d ago

I think the lag isn't noticed when playing the game or you just get use to it and don't notice. These developers may need to take a break and look again with fresh eyes. Hopefully through updates they can correct the issue.

The Wood3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

....It lags but it will sell trillions

fanboys pleased

case closed

Pyscho_Mantis3648d ago

is it me or did anything he say make sense scientifically.
Just more PR talk.

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Beardown823648d ago

It's your fault that there is lag, not the hardware or the developer...YOUR FAULT!

Blacktric3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

He explained it pretty well. Why did you make that sarcastic comment? Look at CBS's Kinect video. When the guy comes to try out that fitness game, there are no noticeble lag. Whatever he does, directly appears on the screen. You are just making assumptions from checking a couple of videos of those worthless Rare's Kinect games, which proves that its developer's fault, not Kinect's.

Edit for below: I think it has skeletal tracking, since there are also complitacted moves and not just simple ones. It also shows a simple wired skeleton in body of the player on screen that constantly changes by the players movement.

GamingGamer3648d ago

and there are still lag just not as noticeable.

also, it is suffering from glitches..

i tried it out and it thinks i am a midget(4.5 inches shorter than my actual height)

Blacktric3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

For all the disagreers; if you are gonna disagree, please do share with us why? @GamingGamer, you most likely played an early version of the game right? Like in July or something? Why is that its such a big deal for you when an unreleased Xbox 360 game has glitches while the same thing happens for a PS3 game, its not? There was a news article with a video showing Motorstorm Apocalypse froze while someone was playing it, and I didn't see anyone said anything bad about it except "wait and see yeeeaah they'll fix it etc. etc.". Of course they're gonna fix it because it's in an early stage. Of course there's also an anti Kinect thing going on with hardcore gamers. Even Aaron Greenberg, "The douchebag" most of you hate said that they're going after casual market because they think they have enough things for hardcore gamers on the console. What did you do? Cried like a baby, yelling "IT HAZ NO BUTT0NZ IT'LL FA1L". Only thing that's gonna keep away Kinect from selling like hotcakes is its price (which is ridiculously high if you ask me) and that's all. Except for a couple of games developed by stupid developers like Rare, there aren't any noticable lags in the latest videos for more than enough games.

Christopher3647d ago

I really hate how they lie about the lag.

To take his example about driving, they don't just port the standard Forza game with Kinect controls. They have to slow down the speed of cars, modify tracks to account for not being able to turn as quickly, and other adjustments so that the delay that does exist isn't as noticeable.

There is lag, it's impossible to say otherwise.

aGameDeveloper3647d ago

Also, using vehicle control in a driving game to prove there is no lag is a false premise.

For one thing, the mechanical systems involved in steering a car have a certain amount of "lag" that serves to hide some of the lag Kinect might have. These sources of mechanical lag include the torsion of shafts, gears that don't fit perfectly, and, perhaps the largest factor, tires that deform and slip where they contact the road. These factors are reduced as you move to higher-performance vehicles with better materials and stiffer, stickier tires, of course.

The second factor is that 99% of players won't be able to detect the lag due to the disconnect between their action (twisting their hands) and the result on screen (the view outside the car rotating), which almost never have a 1:1 correspondence. Not to mention unfamiliarity with most of the vehicles they are driving - I have never driven a Lamborghini, have you? How often have you even driven your own Ford Fiesta on Nurburgring at 140 Mph?

The real test of lag is to have something on screen exactly match the motion of the player. Swinging a sword rapidly is one example. Turning a steering wheel rapidly (if you see the wheel and avatar onscreen) might be another - though it is not often that you even need to rotate the wheel that quickly unless you are a professional racer. But saying that the fact that you can keep a car on the road is proof of no lag is no real test.

PS360fanboy3647d ago

This guy's a douche! What a lame excuse! Who makes up those?!

frostypants3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Actually, he's ignoring the point and spinning REALLY hard. All this guy is doing is pretending there is no problem by narrowly defining the context of said problem.

He's defining "lag" very technically just so he can viably say that there is no lag at all. He's ignoring the fact that users are sensing lag, and that that's all that really matters.

Is there significant lag on the purely digital end of the analog motion-to-digital translation? Perhaps not. But if the user perceives lag in the overall experience, i.e. somewhere on the analog end or in between, then it's still a problem...WHERE it's occurring is neither here nor there. He's answering a question that nobody asked.

Now if he's saying that such analog lag is unavoidable, then he's summing up the primary reason for what every critic has been saying all along (including Sony after their similar tech failed to take off a decade ago): cameras alone are not a viable input method for gaming.

Which is why they will be forced to introduce controllers into the experience in the future.

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hellsere3648d ago

Convincing theory, but I will wait and see

Parapraxis3648d ago

It's not "convincing" in the slightest.
It's completely absurd.

tdogg060519913648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

But then again if you are paddling up a river with Kinect lag isn't that twice as long? LOL

The_Con-Sept3648d ago

I can say there is still an amount of lag that I can not get over. With games like DDR only have four huge foot buttons I am able to keep my rhythm with the game. Kinect's version of this was like trying to dance in a pool of water. I had the moves down to a tee and yet I still did not get 100 percent. Watching other individuals play other games I noticed the lag between the input and the output and it is still noticeable. They can spin this as much as they would like to but it still remains that Kinect will only be able to sell casual games. When it comes to hardcore games they are just not ready for it.

This technology has been developed for the past ten years but the simple fact remains that analyzing and comprehending the input is still an issue. Until Microsoft can get their hands on a much faster processor (Much like the Cell Processor or the AMD Phenom 6 core like I have.) the lag will only continue to exist. Don't expect Kinect games to please you with eye candy.

btk3648d ago

No lag. The man behind Kinect explains the lag. Now which is it? Lag or nor lag?

fr0sty3648d ago

it's YOUR fault. YOU are lagging. Kinect is so much faster than you, that it takes your brain 3 seconds to register that you just made kinect move.

fireplace3648d ago

Don't forget about crappy low speed of light coming from tv to your eyes!

Nathaniel_Drake3648d ago

You did watch the E3 star wars demo. Kinect controls YOU!!!!

Zerogamer3648d ago

OMG LMFFAO DAMN YO you made me laugh so hard LOLOLOL!!!!!

Lyr1c3648d ago

Well...In mother Russia...

frostypants3647d ago

Ha. That explains the demos where the on screen characters moved before the gamers. Kinect is clairvoyant!

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Dnied3648d ago

good point.. can't remember how many times they claimed there would be no lag


HUMANS are tracking Kinect and not the opposite, that explains the lag=> cool then! :O


hellsere3648d ago

"No lag. The man behind Kinect explains the lag. Now which is it? Lag or nor lag?"

'Lag' can be both a verb and a noun
In the heading it's clearly a noun, "to lag" would have been a verb.

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