El33t Question of the Week: Will you invest in Kinect?

El33tonline writes:

"Tomorrow, on November 4th, Microsoft’s controller-free gaming device for Xbox 360, Kinect, will be released in the United States, and with the launch, an entirely new way to play and experience the world of videogames will open up.

Microsoft is referring to Kinect as a platform launch in and of itself, basically on the scale of the company’s Xbox and Xbox 360 launches before it, and it’s no wonder!

With a price of $149.99/£129.99/€149.99 (and R1999 in South Africa), this is no simple peripheral or wimpy extra – the launch of Kinect is akin to the release of one of those whacky console add-ons that seemed like such a good idea in the 90s, only this is much more important than SEGA's 32X could ever be.

And Kinect isn’t whacky at all. But it is an investment in your future gaming sessions, as well as an investment in the future of gaming.

Is it a future worth investing in?"

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no_more_heroes3647d ago

If I see something that appeals to me, sure.

OliverKO3647d ago

So you'll be waiting until after the release of Kinect, rather than buying the device week one?

Any of those Japanese developed games announced at TGS 2010 strike your fancy, or aren't there any Kinect games you're looking at right now?

tinybigman3646d ago

none of the games appeal to me. i didnt buy the eyetoy when it released on the ps2 back then because the games didnt appeal to me either.

i only picked up the eye this gen because of burnout paradise i liked what they did with the camera. the japanese games they announced at TGS dont appeal to me either so i pretty much im going to stay away from kinect and use that money towards games i actually want to play.

DuneBuggy3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I will. We are one of the few households that doesnt have a Wii, and were contemplating getting our daughter one or Natal (at the time). After seeing the available launch titles for Kinect, theres 3 or 4 of them right up her alley. Yeah..Shes gonna be playing with Skittles.I'd rather spend a few hundred on a non obtrusive sensor mounted above the TV than trip over even more motorized hampsters (with tracks),Barbie dolls,and annoying "Paper Jamz".
Most of "my" games involve doing violent things to people,aliens,monsters,etc, so it will be nice to play some of these Kinect games with my 6 year old.Might even get the wife to take a interest in them.
Will they have titles down the road that REALLY appeal to me? Dont know, but I suspect some future games may have some "hybrid" support I may like. Actually Child of Eden looks like fun.....
If not? Well I still have a controller.

OliverKO3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Excellent, thanks for your input!

Game companies are going to have to start appealing to gamers of your 'type' now and in the future - more of a hardcore gamer, but with a family that he/she can enjoy their pastime with, with more family-oriented games and casual experiences.

Again, thanks for the reply! It was illuminating.