Kipman: Kinect CPU use down to single-digits

Alex Kipman, director of incubation at Microsoft and the brains behind Kinect, has told that the new motion control tech now only uses a single-digit percentage of the Xbox 360's processing power, down from the prevsioult stated ten to 15 per cent.

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DJMarty3649d ago

It still don't work.

Also very limited without BUTTONS

DelbertGrady3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Something tells me you cried like a little baby, with snot all over your face while typing that comment.

It's funny yet sad that infantile trolling like yours gets rewarded with agrees instead of restrictions.

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edhe3648d ago

Because they didn't have any vision, saw the product as complete - MS didn't, they saw it's potential and brought in the skeletal mapping stuff.

edgeofblade3648d ago

One man's fact is another person's reason to laugh at your ignorance and arrogance.

Ha. Ha.

nickjkl3649d ago

its not limited by buttons you can put an endless amount of gestures with kinect

but whos going to do all that just to play a game is where the problem comes up

Denethor_II3649d ago

How do you walk forward? Limited.

Narutone663649d ago

doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk.

joeorc3649d ago

Microsoft did not even make Kinect, Kinect was something Microsoft licenced.Even Sony's Own dr. Richard Marks you know the father of the eyetoy and now grad Dad of playstation Move also looked into 3D cam. that now became Kinect. He even knew it was a great technology that even would have Enhanced Move even more.

the problem he found was that certain Games just do not feel right to the user without some tactile responsive imput from the user.

That an at the time 3D cam's was very expensive.

I would'nt be too hard on Kinect if I was you it's pretty [email protected] good in my opinion.

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ElementX3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Nobody ever said games can't be developed which use both a controller and kinect. Everybody brings up the "no buttons" thing... Say you're playing a game with a conventional gamepad and you can use gestures to throw grenades or something...or use gestures to send squadmates to check out buildings.

JokesOnYou3649d ago

Micro has been saying there will be "hybrid" core games since shortly after Natal/Kinect was revealed:

“I think we’ve got the best thumb-based controller ever created,” Mattrick told Edge. “We’re not going to take anything away."

"There will be controller-based games. What we’re really doing is adding to our platform; when I think about Natal, I think of it like a Guitar Hero controller—it fits the experience better."

"There will still be games that use the controller, games that use only Natal, and games that use a combination."

“Think, you could be playing a game with a controller and have your character react when you instinctively duck out of the way of an explosion, or the ability to throw a grenade with a gesture. I don’t think of Natal as taking anything away, I see it as adding more."

"As a creator, I love the potential to do more; I think it’s going to net out a renaissance of new ideas. We haven’t figured it all out, but I see it as additive.”

"We'll have games that are specifically designed to work only with Natal - not just arcadey games, but real, hardcore, triple-A titles.Then you'll have some games that are essentially a hybrid - games that work both with the controller and with Natal. Why is that interesting? Think about a first-person shooter where I'm using the controller but I'm doing facial tracking by just moving around and looking round corners."

"Kipman also proposed the idea of a co-op game where one player used the controller while the camera is tracking the face and body of another."

"That's one of the unique things about the Xbox platform: we can do controllers; we can do controllers with Kinect, which is more than just motion control, it has voice and human recognition as well; and then you can do totally controller-free. Both for consumers and developers, you only have those tools to play with on Xbox."

-lol, It makes perfect sense, micro is smart to advertise it as "You are the controller" because it points out the HUGE difference between kinect vs wii & move, casuals will love that, however they have clearly said since kinects launch that they will bring "hybrid"= kinect+controller games for core gamers.

bviperz3648d ago

Funny you two. Kinect with a controller would be the same as the Move. Like many have pointed out, there isn't any game yet that can't be done on both.

Xfanboy3649d ago

Well that fighting craap for move was not limited without BUTTONS & is still crap!!!

Becuz your veiws are limited of what can be done with kinect means the devs r limited??

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kasasensei3649d ago

From a dedicated built-in device CPU to a single digit used console CPU.

RememberThe3573649d ago

That seemed to be a big problem for Kinect in the earlier stages. Good for them to figure out how to shrink it's foot print. I'm sure devs don't mind hearing that.

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