9.0 Fallout New Vegas Review

MMGN: Fallout New Vegas is another sequel that is marginally better than its predecessor, and yet not quite deserving of the same accolades. Fallout 3 revolutionized the series and was a true unique experience. New Vegas expands that with much better writing and improved quests. The Mojave Wasteland is a joy to explore and the improved RPG elements take Fallout closer to its roots. It’s the true re-boot of the Fallout series, but wouldn’t be here without the groundwork of Fallout 3. The aging technology and ridiculous amount of glitches hold it back to an extent; however, the recent patch has fixed most of the pressing issues in what is a highly immersive action RPG.

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tom0473644d ago

my problem is i never even got close to finishing fall out 3, something i really have to do. but since ive got that on my backburner, as well as the new BC DLC and then gt5, i wont have time to play this puppy. looks interesting though

Hellsvacancy3644d ago

Im well pissed off, been waitin for Vegas for ages, got it, played it for 11 hours on Hardcore (over 2 days) then my PS3 TOTALLY packs up, no fixin it this time, not after i tried 5 times, i ended up meltin sum of the chips near the gpu/cpu, the main motherboard was black when i had finished with it, it worked 3 times b4 when i did it

Should hav Slim VERY soon so it wont b to long till i get to play Fallout