Resident Evil: Damnation Trailer Revealed

Capcom Unity writes:

Check out the brand new Resident Evil: Damnation trailer that debuted on G4 recently! For those of you that don't know, Resident Evil: Damnation is a new 3D CG film due out in 2012. My old school RE senses are tingling! Stick around till the very end of the trailer. Is that...?

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TrevorPhillips3643d ago

That looks effin sick!

Cannot wait to watch this :D

HolyOrangeCows3642d ago
"Woah! It looks like the old games!"

*An Original CG Motion Picture

Masamori Sumimura3643d ago

Leon S. Kennedy needs to comeback for the next RE game.

rekof3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Yes ,.. he is my favorite Resi character (or maybe it is the Resi4 and 2 that are that great,.. even the CG movie wasnt totally shit),..

except that ,.. Bingo comment,.. was a bit out of place ,.. when a few seconds earlier, he almost got totally rapped,.. :)

Redempteur3643d ago

after RE4 and the last CG movies od RE , leon is my most cheated and porwerful RE character and in front of chris In my mind.

Go leon !!

too bad there is no mention of claire ( but you can't have claire if there isn't a girl or a bishonen to protect nearby )

himdeel3642d ago

...more than all the other RE characters, although I do think Wesker is a bad ass and would like a game that chronicals his rise to power.

ChickeyCantor3642d ago

He's hard, obviously because of leon.
I mean many boys have that ;D

tdogg060519913643d ago

what the PS4 and Xbox 720 Graphics will be like

ZeroYui3643d ago

Look forward to this movie.Leon owns all!

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The story is too old to be commented.