Only PlayStation Move Does Augmented Reality Justice, says Dev

Dana Jan, director at PlayStation masters Ready at Dawn, has spoken out about how Move has the edge in augmented reality gaming.

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Ilikegames763649d ago

is the only one doing augmented reality in console gaming.

Game-ur3649d ago

I want more games like Kung Fu Live

Red_Orange_Juice3649d ago

we as gamers already know this

THC CELL3649d ago

By saying that you must be backing up kinect as they don't use controls. yes the game looks good and i cant wait to get it.

Move is amazing im glad sony stuck with the buttons, or we would never be able to play games like mag and killzone, Socom and more.

AAACE53649d ago

Come on, we all know Playstation does everything first and better than everyone else!

They came out with the first videogame, first console, first online play, first motion controller, first on the moon, first to discover america, first to perform open heart surgery, etc.

Playstation is godly!


Game-ur3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

The problem with Kinect is the games and the price, Kung Fu Live is 15$ I think, but Kinect games are full 60$ plus expensive hardware, and so far no interesting games, maybe that will change when we see gameplay from the TGS games.

My other problem is that it clearly took MS focus and funding from HC games.

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cossie1233649d ago

what about fantastic pets for kinect

ComboBreaker3649d ago

Kinect does not do augmented reality justice because it's too laggy. When the you on screen copy you 3 seconds later, it takes the immersion and intereactivity out of the experience.

AAACE53649d ago

Playstation Move tracks a moving object in order to perform it's motion tracking.... Ironically, that's exactly what Kinect does! So if Kinect has problems, the same should show up with Move.

The lighted ball on top of Move is more like a heat sensor. Kinect does the same thing except for the whole body! If Kinect does have lag, it's because it's tracking an entire body instead of a small ball.

In so many words, Kinect is performing more cations than Move.

Either way you look at it... Kinect is a gaming acheivment just because it works! Even if it does lag a bit. Just to be able to play a game without a controller is the start to something entirely different!

It's strange how a Ps3 developer would come out and say something like this... The day before Kinect launches!

frankrobs33649d ago Show
ComboBreaker3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Watch your language dude. We don't want to have to report and ban you.

rekof3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

That is not Augmented Reality bro,.. If it put me into the screen chocking Skittles,.. that would be Augmented Reality and kinect could be actually good for something,.

Godmars2903649d ago

Where's gameplay footage?

Omega43649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

If he gets the chance to try Kinect that opinion will change.

Shadow Flare3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

lol, so close to giving you a 'funny' bubble

Bell Boy3649d ago

Slow down Mr Speedy Omega was not that funny

strickers3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

How do you know he hasn't?They are not going to be PSP/Sony exclusive,Ready at Dawn.They will be on next projects started now and I think any dev will have greater knowledge than you,especially with those special view goggles you wear.

THC CELL3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Omega4, Got the device in game last week. Its really not that amazing.. Ps3 Move is way better. You really need to take them balls out of Microsoft ass i would say dick but thats all ready up there.

Omega ask ya self this if kinect is so Amazing why dont the so called best developers in the world ( bungie) did not support it with halo... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Because they no it would never work unless you had a controller..

Just like Epic, Gears is out what next year and they have time to add kinect. But Noooooooooo why cause it wont work for the hardcore gamers..

Socom is a hardcore game and i see people going to use move
I even use move for MAG and that is a hard game even with controllers, I cant even go back to DS3 now with some games..

If sony was to bring out kinect other than Microsoft, Gamers would of said oh another Eyetoy then. Am i right AM i right.. yes you no i am

Redempteur3649d ago

well it's not like augmented reality isn't around since 2005 and several people know the good and the bad of the technology BECAUSE they devellopped apps and games with it already ?

There are severals apps for augmented reality for PC and there is no point of interracting with something with lag

kws10653649d ago

every single Kinect game is either VR or body control game.
You should be careful not to confuse AR and VR.

acedoh3649d ago

to I thought it was going to be decent but this is just not fun... Standing for an hour jumping and steering. If I wanted an aerobics class with funny movement I would be in an aerobics class. Because if you take away the screen and just watch the movement that is what you are looking at.

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thernztrom3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Will see.. but so far it looks like the move is better in the way of response. It isnt so bad response on kinnect, but as the article says 1/8 of a second in response isnt very funny when playing precise games. Especially if you play online, camera response + ping . :/ But will see, its not out yet, but i still gonna prefer move i think.

Weaksauce11383649d ago

So I'm supposed to believe someone who makes up their own reality? Guess I'll start listening to the corner homeless preacher too

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