New Xbox 360 Dashboard Contains New Anti-Piracy Features!

Well the day that everyone was waiting for finally came; the release of the new 12611 dashboard also known as the Kinect dashboard. One of the main (and un-announced) features was the implementation of Anti-Piracy 2.5 or AP25.

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MattyF3649d ago

Good to see but wonder how long it'll remain viable.

thereapersson3649d ago

Let's hope the dashboard security update does.

rodeoo3649d ago

the app 2.5 check has already been cracked by c4eva(the number one 360 firmware hacker). c4eva and team jungle are currently working on the LT+ firmware that will over come these checks. It should be released within the next few months(hopefully). Until then you can still play older games on your hacked 360 because the ap2.5 cant check them.

Eamon3649d ago

lol, according to hackers, these new security measures have already been defeated days before this article was published!

FordGTGuy3649d ago

"C4E posted some updates about the Xbox360 fall2010 dashboard security on #[email protected] He reports the Update Process itself seems 'safe' atm, however that doesn't mean you can go ahead updating and booting everything you want. AP2.5 games are a problem/unsafe for sure (and we don't know exactly which titles all have or will have AP2.5 active). For the rest nothing is 100% confirmed safe atm."

Seems they haven't cracked it yet.

Eamon3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

In what you quoted, it's talking about updating dashboard on "currently available cfw."

The hacker claims to have already beat the new security checks but just hasn't released his new cfw yet cuz he needs to complete testing:

"[c4eva] ap2.5 already defeated, backup fable 3 running fine on beta dash! more data required for analysis!"

FordGTGuy3649d ago

that even with the currently up to date crack it is not safe to play any games with the new anti-piracy software.

Can't wait for him and all the piracy community to be found by Microsoft and banned.

Eamon3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Yes, that's exactly what I said but the guy named c4eva has claimed to already bypassed the new checks. This is also the guy who created all previous cfw.

He just hasn't released the new cfw (that bypasses the new checks) yet. That's why the xbox-scene is telling people not to update dashboard.
Man, that was the point I was trying to make.

Reading fail. Again. I'm not going to continue arguing just because you can't read or understand the link properly.

radphil3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

"Can't wait for him and all the piracy community to be found by Microsoft and banned."

Ok i'm gonna play the opposite side on this situation, but as much as wishful thinking that is, if they weren't all wiped out before, what makes you think they'll wipe them out now?

I mean they can't even keep up PC security updates well, so what makes you think the same will be done on console?

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Gam3s4lif33649d ago

MEAN! Good on ya MS!
Hopefully this lasts for a while

rekof3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

the funny thing is Piracy is the only thing now, keeping 360 alive,..
unfortunate customers with large gaming libraries and maybe Skittles,..

lost that account,.. just got banned, I guess it reasonable to ban me,.. Have one bubble,.. because people and truth don't mix well,.. It has been proven 2010 years ago,..

ddelella3649d ago

Thats just dumb. Xbox is the fastest growing console and is still the #1 played console. There is no other that competes in quality gaming library and online services. The only thing keeping Wii alive is Mario, Zelda, and a few other exclusives as well as the ease of softmodding. The games are terrible and there little to no online experience. PS3 is hanging in there but the new Move is a desparate move to copy Wii and try to gain the motion population. I think the Wii controller is one of the worst controllers for about 90% of the games. I don't think Xbox or Kinect will have any problems for success with or without the anti-piracy thing. Besides it only applies to people with non-Samsung drives.

perfectCarbonara3649d ago

If you like shitty games that is, then yes, I agree.

rodeoo3649d ago

The only reason i became a 360 gamer is because they are so easy to hack. I woulda just stayed with my ps3. Now my ps3 only gets turned on to play exclusives.

-MD-3649d ago

"If you like shitty games that is, then yes, I agree."

You must have absolutely terrible taste in video games.

DirtyLary3649d ago

lol ddelella. Did you get your MS check in the mail yet?

princejb1343648d ago

wow your like a ms cheerleader
you mention alot of good about it but where is the bad

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awiseman3649d ago

@below *sigh* I guess if this was a Sony anti-piracy patch it would be uncrackable right?

VINNIEPAZ3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

WOW Just reading down from rekofs post you can see just how bias, simple minded and loaded with PS3 fanboys this site is.

gamingdroid3649d ago

You mean like how software sales in the US is still better on the Xbox 360 over the PS3 and Wii?

Piracy must be killing the 360, but I would like to ask what is ailing the PS3 with no piracy?

Lf_sIcKmAn3649d ago

Why do people think the USA is the ENTIRE planet?
It is the only place where the Xbox360 still has a lead on ps3...

and even Major Nelson admitted that the lead is now only 400.000 consoles...

Scared much about your "sales"?

I never understood why the hell people care so much about sales... i thought we gamed for, you know, THE GAMES?!

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Calm Down Sunshine3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Hasn't it already been cracked?

I'm sure there was an article on it earlier today...

rodeoo3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I have never seen a tom waits avatar on here b4. My hats off to you sir. Greatest American songwriter of all times.!!

Steven213649d ago

hell yes tom waits is the man

TheRealist21023649d ago

There will be an article on how to bypass this new security measure step by step.
Gotta love N4G. I dont play the 360 but Microsoft needs to step up it's security measures.

BrutallyBlunt3649d ago

It's only a matter of time until they crack it.

"ALL Samsung drives are incapable of reading the new Security Sector v3 (another requirement for AP25) which in turn required Microsoft to turn off AP25 checks on any systems with Samsung disc drives."

This is part of the article and it just shows how Microsoft must adhere to older models.

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