Gamer Talk - 4 Reasons why I’m in love with Goldeneye 007 so far.

mygamertalk - Before I blew the dust off of my Wii this afternoon, and ever so gently inserted my brand new Goldeneye disk into the system, I wasn’t expecting a whole heck of a lot. I’ll be honest, I was expecting another game that was trying to use the original’s name and success to make a quick buck. In fact, the title of this article was going to be “4 Reasons Why Goldeneye Will Fail” or something along those lines. But I ended up falling a little bit behind on my work, which was actually really lucky for me, because I was completely wrong.

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VinnieMac3649d ago

Only because I want to be playing right now and not typing :P

jeseth3648d ago

. . . doesn't sound like he's really that interested in 007!!!



Cenobia3648d ago

Not entirely sure why you felt it was necessary to attack him...

BattleAxe3648d ago

I refuse to buy a Wii :D

Samus HD3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

than buy it - it has more fun than the other Consoles

Imperator3648d ago

The Wii has a lot of great titles man. I know the graphics aren't the best, but the Wii's always been pretty cheap so you can't really complain. There's plenty of core games and in fact, the Wii's having a better year than the 360 when it comes to core gaming! Surprising, I know, but it's true.

visualb3648d ago


goldeneye! never lets down

its sad its published by activision and not nintendo...

soundslike3648d ago






KratosGirI3648d ago

Why Move?

It has standard controller support!

soundslike3648d ago

with standard controller support this game is average? thats why?

bennyace3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )



Cyberpunk3648d ago

Online would have been awesome. Damm you Nintendo!


dragon823648d ago

Its nice to have a multiplayer game where you have to sit on the couch togehter to play. Online is fine but sometimes you just like to hang out with friends and kill each other from the same room.

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