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Pixel Enemy: With Black Ops only a week away EA and DICE look to stay in the game by dropping some DLC for all of the Medal of Honor fans out there. d0n7bl1nk gives his first impressions of Medal of Honor’s new Clean Sweep mode while playing as a Rifleman on Kabul City Ruins.

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Shackdaddy8363644d ago

Nice video. Im loving the new game mode. I havent seen that many campers while playing.

I just had a very good game where I was the last guy and half the team was left and I almost won(not camping). Unfortunately the last guy somehow killed me.

Overall Im doin quite good at the mode currently.

The increase in recoil is pretty noticeable also. You probably wont be able to pick off a guy from a long distance with any type of machine gun anymore(unless the guy stood perfectly still while you kill him slowly)

I would recommend to anybody who has this game to try this mode out at least once.

BTW, the "redesigned maps" are just the same maps with certain parts cut off. They look exactly the same but have smaller boundaries and walled off areas. I dont like them too much. They are a bit too small.

I haven't played the new maps yet but they sure do seem good.