Rare states that it might work on 3DS in the future

"Robin Schuurman from Rare recently hinted at possibly working on the 3DS at some point."

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ManfredLamchop3644d ago

Oh please let it happen! Gimme some more BlastCorps. That was such a fun and different game plus it would work well with 3DS since it had lots of buildings exploding and whatnot.

GodzillaOwns3644d ago

How could I forget this game?! It and Banjo were my favorites for N64. =)

SurfnUSA3644d ago

How come there was never a sequel?

Nihilism3644d ago

Holy crap dude, I loved that game so much, I had been trying to remember for years what it was even called though. Brings back good memories...

MisterNiwa3644d ago

Man.. Blast Corps, I loved this game so much.. Always played it on my good ol N64. ;_;

Especially loved the levels where you got to the hidden robot for an efficient destruction.

Solidus187-SCMilk3643d ago

I loved the robots in that game.

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OldSchoolGamer33644d ago

Yeah even though Rare was purchased by MS it didn't stop them from making a few GBA and DS games over the last several years.
They just can't make anything for a console besides Xbox 360. I hope we get something good out of it.

nsnsmj3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I had no idea Rare made games on other platforms besides xbox....Man I really want a 3DS.

You know what's funny though people? Almost everybody says one reason why the psp isn't as successful as the ds is because most games for it are full on console game ports and it's like a ps2 in your pocket. Oddly enough most of the 3DS games I've seen announced are pretty much console ports and full-fledge console like games.

I don't own a psp or a ds, but I think it may just be a "nintendo thing" if the same type of games were to make up the majority of the 3DS's games over the years. PSP catches too much flack imo. Just a thought.

OldSchoolGamer33644d ago

And yes like said above...a new Blast Corps NEEDS to happen for 360. I want to tear up cities in HD or on 3DS even. Could be sick.

allysaurus873644d ago

A lit of people hold onto Rare as a company like they do Sonic as a brand. Most of the time things end up just a bit disappointing but look at Sonic Colors! If Segs can whip back inti shape and deliver a great Sonic after years of junk then perhaps Rare can make a new totally bitchin Killer Instinct or something. Let's see it!

Sun_e3644d ago

I am for a new killer instinct!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.