Why doesn't game packaging make more sense?

Critics have had a field day debating why retail video game sales have been on the decline lately. As a visit to any GameStop reveals, though, the slump may have less to do with quality, price or new-fangled distribution methods than helping fans understand exactly just what they're buying.

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big_silky3644d ago

nice that they used castlevania as an example, i had the same exact thought when i saw it. bring back good screenshots and gameplay "bullet points", save the legal mumbo jumbo for the manual.

castlevanias manual is also probably the worst i've ever seen. it's useless.

Solidus187-SCMilk3643d ago

The box has 3 different languages on the back. It has only 3 pages in the instruction booklet, and 2 sentences and pictures on the back.

imvix3644d ago

I would think Digigal Sales are taking over, which is why retail is hurting. Havent bought a retail game asides Star Craft 2 in 3 years. Over 90 games bought on steam now and growing.

Besides going digital is very environment friendly:

Packaging costs eliminated,
Transport costs none,
More profit for the developer,
Space saved at my place.

The Digital revolution started as early as 2006. Consoles are now getting onboard too. Once console makers see more and more people buying online, i wouldnt be surprised if new games are available for sale on launch day.