Average PlayStation Home User Spends 70 Minutes In Sony’s Virtual World

Speaking at the Digital Media Conference, Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SCEA, talked about PlayStation Home. Sony’s Second Life style service has 16 million users and the average time spent in home is 70 minutes. "And, users are spending money, which is a big reason why we’re doing it [PlayStation Home]," Dille commented during that portion of his talk.

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MeatPopsicle3649d ago

Sony has an epic success with Home on their hands.

I only first saw Home in person for the first time recently and was absolutely astonished at how huge it is. People were everywhere. Running around, sitting chatting groups, playing games, buying stuff, dancing together, watching movies and trailers, etc.

Sony has to be racking in huge amounts of cash off the Home items. Just about everyone was decked out in custom outfits that sell for 1-5 bucks or so each. With the 15-20 million or so people using Home that has to be a huge amount of revenue being generated.

I didn't understand why so many Sony haters in the media desperately wanted to claim Home 'failed'. I can't imagine how hard and long it will be for another company to create a Home copy that remotely comes close to the content Home has already.

MURKERR3649d ago

Main reason i dont use it is because home is all about meeting people yet sony remove the feature to use your mic to talk unless in your apartment.

Takes an age to type a message and its just to fragmented. ...Your typing then you wait while they have a bubble above their head and you wait for their message to appear its tiresome.

Larry L3649d ago

I love Home. Use it just about daily, skip a day once in a while. I have no problems taking forever to type because I have a wireless USB keyboard (from my old broken PC) hooked up to me PS3. If you're trying to have a conversation with people on Home using the virtual keyboard, that's a fail on your part, not Home's lol. Also you can use headsets without being in an apartment using the phone. Unfortunately it's only 1 on 1 phone calls right now, but this will soon be expanded to multiple people. I was on Home in the closed beta when there was mic chat in public was a nightmare. You just had ignorant people blasting music thinking people want to hear the crap music (usually rap) they listen to, or you had random people arguing or griefing. It was horrible.

The time-frame isn't quit correct for me, but I suppose that would be a good average. 70 minutes would be about the minimum time I spent on home. Usually I'm closer to 2 hours. Though when it had the Poker rooms, it was ALOT more. I would spend HOURS on there just playing poker.

The only thing I don't like about Home (aside from alot of the people who use it), is that there are no damned red lightsabers yet. I love the new dual lightsabers, but I want red ones....we aren't all Jedi you know.......some of us prefer the Dark Side!!!!!

Hellsvacancy3648d ago

MURKERR, i use Home every once in a long while (probably 3 times a year) i like woopin people a Chess *and people think stoners are st-st-stupid*

Fred-G-Sanford3648d ago

"Average PlayStation Home User Spends 70 Minutes In Sony’s Virtual World"

Yeah, but 68 of those minutes are spent fast asleep due to overwhelming boredom. :D

Vicodin3648d ago

"Main reason i dont use it is because home is all about meeting people yet sony remove the feature to use your mic to talk unless in your apartment. "

Home is so much better since they turned off public chat.

It used to be non-stop:

* Distorted crap music being blasted everywhere
* People screaming racial slurs
* Retards verbally harassing female dressed avatars
* People leaving their mics on constantly so everyone hears their kids screaming, spouses complaining, background noise blaring, or even bathroom activities

-Alpha3648d ago

An option to mute everybody would have been better than to remove the feature completely. I think you can still contact friends though.

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-Alpha3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Home was far from what it was promised to be at launch. That's why people were so negative about it. Let's not act as if Home today was Home the day it launched. It was heavily hyped, and met with a lot of problems & lacked what Sony promised (like Trophy Rooms, ability to watch movies together, loading times, etc). To act as if Home didn't have its issues and then to blame the media as if they were attacking Home is a pretty biased way of twisting it to make like Sony was a constant victim.

Anyway, Home has come a long way since them. I pop in every now and then to see the new stuff and got addicted to the Poker once. The core community is actually real friendly.

It's got a good community, though I doubt it's 20 million+

Don't be fooled between an active userbase and an overall userbase. Anyone logging onto Home counts as part of the userbase, and that doesn't mean they are active.

WildArmed3648d ago

I agree.

But I think Home turned out to be more than satisfactory for the new ps3 user base / the people not following Home.

The launch was horrible, but honestly I expected as much. They over promised with stuff which half of they couldn't even legally do (sharing music/movies).

The two things that interested me are not even available at this point: Movie watching and Trophy room.

While the community isn't DEFINITELY anywhere 20mil (half of the user base? oh please)
But I'm expecting it to be at least a million.

I have quite a few friends who do nothing but stay on Home.. And I'm fine with that.. all the way up to the point I had to delete them since the last time I talked to them was when I played R:FoM in '07. lol

But now, when I think about it.
Home might have something for me.. (other than showing off my awesome White knight chronicles costume I got for platting the game!) they've added alot of community games, and props to the Home team for doing such a great job with that.

I'm pretty happy with where Home is today. Though it's still not for me.. (i visit once a few months), it definitely has found it's niche. And is thriving now.
(Apparently people love virtual stuff! :) )

But when I see an article "criticizing" Home by the wrong rubric (ie judging an RPG game w/ a FPS game rubric), then I do blame the media.

The ragging that Home got initially was well deserved. The team took it to heart and focused on the social aspect of Home and improved it (for it's user base that is).

But i find it funny when people still call home a 'failure', because they refuse to see that they are not the intended market.. It's doing well in the intended market, and people need to acknowledge that.

ico923648d ago

personally im not a big fan of home, but it depends how you treat it, when i 1st saw home i thought of an MMO social network, or like sims, boy was i in for disappointment, i don't use.

But im surprised that some people really enjoy it, its immensely popular with the casual ps3 gamers and it does have a loyal fan base.

Bottom line its not for everyone, my sister and her friends are obsessed with it. Some people love it some people hate lets just leave it to that.

Vicodin3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Home had 15+ million active and unique users months ago. I would not be surprised if the Home userbase is up to the 20 million range now.

It is just an click away on every single one of the 42 million PS3s out there and it only requires an Net connection.

-Alpha3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

There was such an over-emphasis on Home being the main focus of PSN and being the thing that crushed XBL. It failed to meet the hype-- like you said they got rid of features originally promised, it was slow, lacked content etc. I have no issue with people calling it a failure, because by definition, if it did not meet the expectations set out, it failed to meet those expectations.

But when people here this they instantly assume that you hate Home. It's a simple fact that Home launched to a myriad of issues and fell short of its initial goals.

I don't consider that hate, unless people truly enjoy seeing the service have shortcomings. It's those criticisms that were needed to fuel Home to get better.

Home went from being a main selling point to an optionally used service. I don't understand why people can't come to terms with that.

Regardless, Home is definitely doing well. I feel Sony can improve on it greatly still, but they are generally slow with updates-- for example, how hard is it to allow Home avatars to be used as your profile avatar?


That's an irresponsible way of ignoring the criticisms/reasons for calling it a "failure" ion the assumption that anyone who calls Home a failure is an Xbox fan.

I am in no way an Xbox fan (despite what some may think), but I can certainly understand a well written argument explaining why Home "failed". Now, don't take such a hard perception on the word "Fail"

Try to understand it in the context of what happened back then. Home WAS hyped a lot, it WAS promised many features that got removed, and it essentially looked a lot better than it what it ended up being when it released. To deny that Home didn't have many shortcomings and then to say that people are fanboys for calling it a failure ignores the fact that Home DID fail to meet expectations and promises. This does not make someone a fanboy

Vicodin3648d ago

The people who lash out at Home and have been desperately trying to get people to believe it is a 'failure' are Xbox fans and Xbox fans in the media.

Paying 50 dollars a year for their online service and Sony is the one the up and creates this massively successful online gaming world has got to sting and generate a massive amount of anger.

WildArmed3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I think it's one of the reasons why Home is so isolated from the hardcore.

As much as I hate-d avatars in XBL, I have to give them credit for forcing them on, and I've actually grown to appreciate them.. even though it may be a little.

I think games like Sprots Champs, *insert a Move sport game name* could really benefit from using Home Avatars.
Not only will it allow you to not play stupid pre-made characters (I'm pointing my fingers to Sports Champ here), but even help home grow (financially).

I know people buy stuff for their avatar on XBL that were against the whole avatar idea. but they feel since it represents them, they should look nice :D
And now probably would cry a river if MS took the avatars out.

Implementing home characters could do the same.
And ofc, since doing stuff in Home gets you free stuff, it'd actually increase the 'active' part of their community.

Oh, when the first time I heard of 'Home', it hit me as Free Realms (the MMO SoE is working on), but it nothing like that.

When, if ever, Sony gets around to releasing their Free MMO to PS3, I'd be interested in Free Realms.

Sony has promised us quite a few 'free MMOs' on the ps3.. I eagerly await their implementation..
Sorry for going on a tangent here xD

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Sci0n3649d ago

Most of the people on my list that use home basically live on there and be on home for 8-12 hours a day. Me personally I could never stay on there that long but there is allot of fun stuff you can do on there. Besides meeting new people there's gaming events, mini games, contest, club support, tv shows and movie trailers, you can also have fun playing with your avatar by dressing him or her up and decorate your own personal space with furniture. I can see how so much time could be spent on there its so much you can do.

Blaze9293648d ago

yeah that's pretty surprising to be honest. i haven't booted up HOME since the beta went public. Checked it out a few times and never went back. Now that the PS3 has netflix, if they can incorporate that into HOME so it's similar to Xbox LIVE Parties where friends can come together and watch movies/tv shows then I'd definitely start using HOME a lot more as that movie theater and other features they "promised" were the only reasons I ever cared about HOME.

As it is now I do not see the point in why it exists. that's just me though.

Zeevious3649d ago

...and have described this fun, immersive world to people saying it was boring, with no one there or just people being sexually harassed.

Whether you stay for an hour, a day or live in Home it's free and fun...What else could you ask for?

joeorc3649d ago

home is one of the thing's that indie developer's are going to use to get more game's onto the playstation 3 platform.


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Newtype3648d ago

I think people LIVE in Home.

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