US PS Store Update 11/2 Now Live

PS.Blog writes:

"Thanks for bearing with us tonight as we work through technical difficulties with the store interface. Everything has now been published to the store and is ready for download, but new items are *not* yet showing up under New Releases."

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Neo Nugget3647d ago

How is God of War: Ghosts of Sprta 4 gigs on the PS store? :o

Preorder stuff?

crxss3647d ago

Nice GOW3 Skins!! been waiting a long time for these.

Close_Second3647d ago

Even if they are throwing in the original GOW:COO how could it come to over 4GB!?!

Must be some pretty impressive DLC.

Neo Nugget3647d ago

Where does it say they're including CoO?

BulletToothtony3647d ago

why no Pulse? i love to see Christina Lee and them high heels and short dresses!

don't tell me they been canceled

Neo Nugget3647d ago

Wasn't there a Pulse last week?

Qbanj693647d ago

She was the only think keeping that series going.

Nitrowolf23647d ago

Dam so late to, and its still having issue not showing up, i will wait to it all pops up under latest

thesithfreak3647d ago

i didnt even know split/second 2 existed

PS360PCROCKS3647d ago

I was thinking the same thing haha

ThatArtGuy3647d ago

Good thing there's a demo then.

BiggCMan3647d ago

its not split/second 2, its a second demo, for split/second. say that 5 times fast without screwing up :D

Motorola3647d ago

i said it, wheres my cookie?

Newtype3647d ago

Man, what a weak update.

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The story is too old to be commented.