IGN: Sony Surround Sound System for PlayStation 3 Review

IGN: "At E3 earlier this year, Sony quietly snuck out an announcement of a new addition to their range of PlayStation-branded products – the Surround Sound System for PlayStation 3. An all-in-one surround sound bar, the Surround Sound System was designed with gamers in mind, and includes special audio equalization and modes that suit a wide variety of game genres for the cool price of $199.99. But in a market as competitive and varied as home entertainment components, is it really an effective solution for consumers? The answer, we found, is not really."

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unknown1003649d ago

I wonder if it was made in china to get such a poor review??

Deutschland #1!!!

kaveti66163649d ago

Even products that are purported to be made in Germany are still made from components assembled in China.

Everything is in one way or another being manufactured in China.

And if it wasn't more money and exploitation and the evils of capitalism, there wouldn't be anything wrong with that. the notion that Chinese-made products are cheap is no longer relevant.

rdgneoz33649d ago

"Silly American sweatshop, not made in Chinese sweatshop!"

Red_Orange_Juice3649d ago

"Made outside China" doubles the price

Bolts3649d ago

The iphone is made in China. Yet it has one of the best build quality, if not THE best build quality of anyone phone.

rockleex3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Nice joke... oh wait, you're seriously saying the iPhone has the best build quality of any phone?


I don't have one myself, but judging from all the iPods to the iTouch I doubt that statement is true.

Newtype3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

They didn't put into consideration that Sony was never good with soundbars....check out their mainstream version as well. Not good at all.

Samsung, LG, have crappy sound bars too.

OSU_Gamer3649d ago

"THey didn't put into consideration that Sony was never good with soundbars...."

why does that matter?

elitesupreme3649d ago

"The Sony is certainly well-suited for smaller dens and bedrooms, and it easily trumps rival soundbar/subwoofer models, including the Yamaha YAS-70 and Boston Acoustics TVee Model Two, delivering better sound and more features than both for less money. As such, the HT-CT100 is an easy pick for the best sub-$300 soundbar/subwoofer system we've heard to date."

Spydiggity3649d ago

how much time did you spend trying to find one counter example?

@newtype, i'm not really sure what you mean either, though. a review should take into consideration that the company being reviewed has a bad track record? like they should be cut a break cuz expectations are so low? i'm lost

elitesupreme3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

not much, got it shortly after initial release... rather have a REAL surround setup now though. Testing the unit with surround test discs, etc. gives you the impression that it'll be pretty good for a sound bar. Reality smacks you upside the head when you're no longer feeding it test discs that play each channel one at a time. It was a good bang for the buck though. now, maybe not so much :(

madpuppy3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

combo for my bedrooms tv/PS3 and am very happy with the sound. granted it is not even a tenth of the quality that my theater rooms 7.1 sound system pumps out ( heck! one surround sound speaker costs as much as a ps3 slim and the sound bar combined)

If anyone is considering getting a sound bar make sure you get a powered sub and sound bar system. just the sound bar sounds tinny and weak without the powered sub.

I tested both the Sony CT-100 and the yas-70 and I preferred the Yamaha. It is all a matter of taste and what you can afford. I would suggest to everyone that you at least try to listen to and get some hands on time with the sound systems you are interested in. It is the only way to be sure.

beavis4play3649d ago

i've got the ht-ct150. and, for $220, it's an excellent soundbar (for gaming,movies or network broadcasts) getting good reviews anywhere i've looked.

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PS360PCROCKS3649d ago

"While certainly an improvement over your TV's built-in speakers"

ha not likely! My Kuro speakers are amazing for TV speakers. But mine's not an average TV either. Lol.

PirosThe4th3649d ago

This things are more marketed for japan when the space in their apartments are not that huge... so they have little space for surround sound... i don't see the point releasing this anywhere else ,,, >_>

PS360PCROCKS3649d ago

ya true or budget conscious consumers. Why did I get 2 disagrees? Lol have you ever heard Pioneer Kuro speakers? They're incredible for stock speakers, they aren't built in though.

ct033649d ago

"Why did I get 2 disagrees?"

You said that your TV speakers are better than a dedicated SONY product. Better than SONY! Unthinkable! (Note how, unlike the common M$ or Micro$oft, it's never spelled $ONY).

Call_me_Ishmael3649d ago

what wrong with ign? theyre always bashing stuff from sony,or
they bash a game that was favoured to the ps3.

OSU_Gamer3649d ago

the soundbar cannot be just bad?

KratosGirI3649d ago


There are far more effective solutions in this price range, some even from Sony."

Yup. That's some biased shit right there!

Spydiggity3649d ago

ishmael, i find your icon to be just a little bit ironic.

SilverSlug3649d ago

when I saw it, it wasn't going to be worth the cash. Still in the market for something like this, just look for another brand.

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