Conduit 2 Wii Exclusivity In Jeopardy? PS Move Is The Future

Conduit 2 is the type of game that you would only expect on PS3 and 360 why? because the amount of detail in the game from the Huge enviornments, detailed graphics, diverse and unique weapons with a unique story line, the only thing that's missing is the HD FACTOR.

High Voltage says they made this game for the Wii fanbase but didn't rule out the opportunity for the PS3/PS Move capabilities for Conduit 2.

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Shoko3649d ago

Matt never said anything about the possibility of it going to PS3 xD. He actually said that the game was made for the Wii and it's fans, so he kinda said the exact opposite.

Chubear3649d ago

If it does happen, and I'm sure it will, they better not think of putting it on Blu-ray for $60 cause that's rubbish and it will fail.

This game is easily a &19.99 - $29.99 Downloadable type game on PSN. They sell for 50bucks on the Wii dvd sure but no way PS3 gamers put down $60 for this type of game when they are so used to a much higher quality in their $60 products.

matey3649d ago

i bet it was that hip hop gamer he asked if Goldeneye would come to 360 ect he puts words in devs mouths end of

Titanz3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Why the change of heart?

(And don't say, "Cause Move is more accurate!" Cause Motionplus makes them about the same).

egm_hiphopgamer3649d ago

never said i didn't like motion controls? i had a wii since week one, i just didn't like the fact that hardcore games wasn't being utilized well with motion controls when the wii made their initial push.

it was all about fitness, sports and things like that, that's why the classic controller was needed because alot of games really didn't feel right with the wii mote.

as they got better i started to love motion controls, games like red steel 2 and no more heroes, and nba jam is crazy.

but the move makes things more accurate, HD, more power, and the entire set up is better. the camera function, more accurate, better games, hardcore games that work right, online presence i mean it has it all

Titanz3649d ago

Sorry I misjudged you.

Seferoth753649d ago

Yeah like repeating gestures multiple times in heavy rain before they are read by the system.. Sounds way more accurate.

Pointer functions of the Wii remote are actually more accurate than Move. It has 2 sensors to calibrate position while Move only has a single sensor on the controller.

Don't expect much from a guy who makes things up to look good for Sony because he knows their pathetic fanbase is the ONLY reason he is still around today. He isnt going to bite the hand that feeds him..

Yes let's not forget how important the HD factor is.

The best selling console this gen doesnt have and the highest rated exclusive this gen doesnt have it and of course sales of SD systems(PSP, DS, PS2, and Wii) put to shame sales of HD systems and how a lot of SD games get sales above and beyond what HD games are getting. How many 20 million sellers does PS3 have now? Hell how many 10 million sellers does it have now? 1

Got give him credit for taking advantage of Sony sheep though. Telling them what they want to hear regardless of whether it has merit in reality has kept him around for over 2 years now isnt it?

ozstar3649d ago

How do hardcore games not work right on the Wii?

Was there something wrong with RE4 Wii version? Or The Conduit?

YoungKingDoran3649d ago

nothing is wrong with the controls on re4 wii. ive done some amazing shots with that thing, its damn precise

DiRtY3649d ago

You are trying too hard.

Why do you say that Move has the "better games". What means better anyway? IGN reviews like the ones for MoH and Castlevania?

The Wii has the right games for their audience. They are not better or worse than Move and soon Kinect games. You know how many people LOVE these fitness games you mentioned? What makes them worse than so called hardcore move games? You might like MAG and soccer moms like Wii Fit. Who are you to judge one is better than the other?

It is the same logical fail people bring up when they are judging Kinect. 'It only has casual games' Casual is synonym for 'bad' these days. That is the wrong approach. The lineup might not be something you are interested in, but it is NOT bad. My girlfriend wants to play Kinect Sports with me, but I couldn't get her to play Halo Reach. So in HER oppinion Kinect Sports is a better game. You can agree or disagree with her, but don't make it sound like a fact that game X is better than game Y when you are just giving us your oppinion.

thehitman3649d ago

You are missing HHG point. His point is he doesnt mind using motion controls too but they have to appeal to him for him to use it. Last time I checked we are not soccer moms and girls who just want to lose some weight (even though some guys do need to). I want to play some real action hardcore competitive games and if you cant do that I wont play it. Motion Controls got stamped as a casual experience because the wii was only able to portray it as a casual experience and if I can get my KZ/MAG/HeavyRain/RE and much more in HD with awesome gameplay then that makes me a happy gamer.

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kesvalk3649d ago

ah, only now i saw the link... man, why don't he dissapear?

FLOWCity3649d ago

Figured it'd be Hip Hop gamer when I read the title...Not even worth watching.

Greek God3649d ago

STOP the hatred for Mr Hip Hop gamer
if you dont like him then get out of here
..its getting old

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