Inafune Calls Japanese Game Development a "Communist State"

Keiji Inafune, the designer of Mega Man and Capcom's former head of Research & Development and Online Business and Global head of Production announced his departure from Capcom a few days ago. Now he's explained his reasoning in a new interview with 4Gamer, and it doesn't like it was on friendly terms.

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saint_john_paul_ii3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

A. Crapcom was forcing him to westernize his games

B. Crapcom didnt pay him his check, or payed him little for his services.

either those 2 things Happened, I picked A. I do agree with how western companies are giving freedom to their devs to come up with good games.

Interesting article though.

rdgneoz33649d ago

/\ Western companies and Sony. Sony gives a lot of creative freedom to its devs and time to perfect their games.

Also, from reading the article, more along the lines of A. "There are of course publishers who keep developers ‘like pets’ but overseas there are more independent developers." That and when he mentioned "if he tried to do anything "brashly" within Capcom but was met with commercial failure, he would've been demoted."