Genetic Algorithms Find Unbeatable StarCraft Tactics

Wired: "A coder has created an application that can generate optimum tactics for StarCraft II using genetic algorithms.

The app, which is called Evolution Chamber and was built by a chap known as Lomilar, only works for the Zerg race so far. It allows the user to set a goal — say, seven of a tough armored ground unit called the Roach that is powerful in the early part of a game — and then work out the fastest way to achieve it, listing the exact sequence in which you should build units and structures to optimally reach that point, known as a build order."

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Newtype3649d ago

all it's doing is doing the thinking for you....yeah they are right..

ComboBreaker3649d ago

And when you use it to try to find an unbeatable tactic against the Koreans, it finds that the tactics of the Koreans are unbeatable.

rumplstilts3648d ago

I think it should be about the creativity and determination of the player, not a machine.

I am only rank 23 Silver League but I still think this isn't a very moral way to play.