Call of Duty Black Ops: Are leaks a good thing or not?

Product-Reviews writes: With just a week to go before the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, you are probably sitting down and thinking what else is there to be seen from the game that hasn’t already been leaked?

Sometimes, just sometimes, leaks are a pretty good thing and can often provide that extra bit of excitement or give you that deciding factor which will make you purchase a product or not.

However, sometimes too many leaks can be a bad thing, and that is probably what has happened with Black Ops.

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Shackdaddy8363649d ago

I dont mind if there are a couple leaks but the amount of leaking in BO is just ridiculous.

I like to be at least a little surprised when I buy a game.

getonmylev3l3648d ago

I agree with you but.... no one is forcing you to watch/read the leaks.

DERKADER3648d ago

It's kind of hard to not read about leaks when all the headlines are spoilers.

Call_me_Ishmael3649d ago

yeah some to tease are good,but when you even get to
see the whole campaign it really spoils it

Gam3s4lif33649d ago

Not much to comment about this....but
meh cbf looking at leaked videos n e way

danswayuk3649d ago

It depends on the leak, too much information is never good.

Rifkens3649d ago

And people complain that PC is bad for piracy. Noticed that theres been no pc gameplay leaks of Black Ops. Cause its almost impossible. However console fags can physically steal their games and play them straight off the bat and then sell them off when theyre done with it.

CD keys and accounts for console fags, all in favor?!

madara0sama3648d ago

I agree. Don't be surprise if the next gen consoles have cd keys, accounts, etc. In fact I'd be surprise if they didn't have it.

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The story is too old to be commented.