The best alternative PS3 controller you may never use in the United States: The Gioteck HF-1

The Gioteck HF-1 controller was recently brought to our attention here at ASGgaming. It is a Bluetooth third-party controller developed by Gioteck, a company based in Europe. The reason why we say you'll never use it pertains to our readers in the United States. In the UK however, the video game retailer GAME (The UK's version of GameStop), has had the controller available for pre-order for some time now, and it will be released in a few days. We thought we'd take a look at this promising new Playstation 3 controller and see what it has to offer.......

....And yes, it's got Bluetooth support!

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guru95354776d ago

These controllers look great! I think you can buy them at GAME online and have them shipped here to the U.S. though.

BubbleSystemSuck4775d ago

i moded my own PS2 DS3 controller... replaced the analog Stick, and put 2 360 controller sticks...

really improve my FPS experience.

acky14775d ago

Think I might buy this...basically just an xbox controller which is apparently better for some reason. Let's give it a try :)

Corepred44775d ago

offset joysticks= i hate it. i like the joysticks on my ds3 right where they are.

PS360fanboy4775d ago

This should be what the Dual SHock 4 should aim for.
Those paralel analog sticks with round tops are a really bad idea...

fanboybeater14776d ago

Bluetooth makes this thing sound good, I've got one on pre-order right now at GAME. hopefully it will live up to its promises.

kmr19774776d ago

I wish it came in just black though. I'm not really feeling the black camo and red analog sticks.

Call_me_Ishmael4776d ago

i think i had one of these,but my xbox fanboy cousin stole it for his ps3,lol

GuruStarr784776d ago

I don't believe it's even out yet. GAME states it will be released on November 5th......there is very little info on it online, outside of the press release and a few stories here and there.

Call_me_Ishmael4776d ago

not the hf-1s though,sorry i was talking about giotecks
in general

SpideyNut4775d ago ShowReplies(7)
gamerdude1324775d ago

@ fanboybeater

Can you find something else to do with your life than to get on to people because they have a different personal preference? kthxbai

JuLiAn18D74775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Shut the hell up I decided to step in because your all ganging up on him for nothing! All he said was DS3 please!! That is NOT trolling. Basically he is saying in his opinion the DS3 is better WHICH HE IS ENTITLED TO! According to your definition BoyD*ckeater1 i mean fanboyeater.. you said trolling is "with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response" hmm.. your that damn attached to this immitation controller that he has provoked you to make an emotional response? hot damn!!! Anyway this argument is RETARDED. PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINIONS.


fight4love4775d ago

have to see a few reviews first. hope you can turn ps3 on and off with it.