Midnight Launch locations for Kinect and best deals

XMNR: Looking to grab Kinect for the Xbox 360 as soon as possible when it launches this Thursday, November 4 or looking for the best deal? Then check out our list of the best deals and midnight launch locations.

Updated with Times Square, New York City Toys R Us midnight launch deal from Microsoft

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MelonieMac3644d ago

Very informative. It's nice to have all the deals compiled into one article, now I know where I want to get my Kinect!

Queasy3644d ago

Yeah, looks like K-Mart has the best deal or Toys R Us on Friday and Saturday.

Nihilism3644d ago

You know console gaming is only for the uber elite hardcore peeps when you can buy them at toys r us...

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3644d ago

Yeah...because the casual gamer is willing to wait in line for hours until midnight to get that must have $150 peripheral. What a bunch of saps.

avengers19783644d ago

It's gotta be toy's R us, besides the kinectadventures you get two additonal games, plus a year free of xbl... that is like 160 or more than the price of Kinect.
So if you gonna go wait for this go to TRU

Queasy3644d ago

Yeah, but that's only good for the first 3000 that show up at the Time Square TRU.

MMFGaming3644d ago

Probably going to give Kinect a pass until some games that are relevant to my interest are released. Maybe if I had kids or something, but otherwise, there are a ton of other games being released in November that I can drop $150 on.

Queasy3644d ago

Yeah, the launch games aren't going to appeal to everyone. Maybe next year when the promised 'hardcore' games are released.

dtrain213644d ago

I'll be waitin at the mid-night launch like everyone else. At least it won't sound like crickets at the MOVE launch.

Newtype3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Edit: It has light correction.

lowcarb3644d ago

Not if your going to use it in a brightly lit room it isn't.

FordGTGuy3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Infrared light emitter and two infrared cameras, not exactly the same. Not to mention the camera you linked to does not have depth perception.

Raikiri3644d ago

now now back to your cave