EA: Our content is all 3D-ready

CVG:"EA has said during an investors call today that all of its games - presumably recently-released and upcoming titles - are 3D-ready, and all it needs to do is "flip that 3D switch".

While still early, EA's confident stereoscopic 3D will grow to be a more significant part of entertainment. "We think 3D's interesting. We think it's still kind of early. People are buying the televisions now that feature 3D. We think it's something that will continue to grow and mature, but possibly a little early right now."

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Blaster_Master3649d ago

Just give me Dead Space 2 in 3-D with move support and I will die a happy nerd.

oghost853649d ago

I love my 3d tv, need more games though,, its nice that you can force current games in 3d i tried it with vanquish and it looked pretty sweet!