The death of the singleplayer shooter

Thunderbolt: "I’ve been harbouring a troublesome theory for a while now, but it wasn’t until the recent release of Medal of Honour that I was convinced of its relevance. As a genre the first-person shooter, hereafter referred to as FPS, is perhaps the most popular in our industry. Its viewpoint is direct. Its potential for immersion is great. There’s a concussive solidity in unloading a shotgun shell into the face of a combatant and seeing it through your avatar’s eyes."

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Saryk3648d ago

I can’t say that the FPS single player games are dead, but it is limping. The immersion is there when I play most FPS games. But the story and the length of the game is usually very short. Bioshock had the right idea, except the multiplayer wasn’t there, which sucked. The Half-life and Fear series I guess has the perfect combination between single and multiplayer. The problem is if the single player is great, the multiplayer suffers and visa versa.

redsquad3648d ago

I used to be a big fan of FPS games but now, with rare exceptions, always think twice before picking one up because I just know the norm is to now cater to the multiplayer crowd, with a short SP campaign tagged on almost as an afterthought.

SpinalRemains1383648d ago

Why shoot an A.I. when you can shoot a screaming teenager?

The human element is always more fun.

ExplosionSauce3648d ago

I believe it's done for story elements, exposition and character... nvm, why bother.