VGD: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hands-On - Great Stuff, but Get Rid of the Mechs

Peace and quiet aren’t qualities you expect from the Killzone games, third instalment included. So it’s something of a shock when, during an underpopulated round of new “narrative-driven” (well, there are cut scenes at either end) mode “Operations” on the Frozen Dam map.

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dirigiblebill3649d ago

Hopefully they'll only appear in certain maps. Noobularvehicleslol.

macezhno3649d ago

the mechs are only on one map and are a nic addition

dirigiblebill3649d ago

They wouldn't be so bad if they were more than just big, walking gun turrets but right now all they're doing is simplifying things for players who don't want to work as a team. :(

morganfell3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Not true. Any mech that tries to work by their self will be taken out in short order. There is also a mounted Wasp launcher on one side of the map that covers 3/5 of the play area and that thing will crush a mech in two shots. The teamwork problem isn't the mech player it's the people that won't work together to kill him.

And since the opposition has two mechs of their own on that map then it's obvious there is the problem WITH THE OTHER TEAM.

VGD and their people would have the game dumbed down to COD standards. Not going to happen. They are welcome to run their own games when the title launches and restrict the mechs so they can have their unique crybaby room.

ChineseDemocracy3649d ago

I think they should keep them, it would allow for some interesting gameplay. People would actually have to cooperate to take them down, haven't played the beta, but I heard it's possible to snipe the operator through the glass?

4me23649d ago

"People would actually have to cooperate to take them down" - you are absolutely right.

You can snipe driver of the mech , use mortar strike, there are machine guns and swarming missiles that lock to them placed in the buildings (engineer has to fix them first .
I was in the games where I was getting many many easy kills and I was in the games where I could not last more than 5 sec in the mech. Everything depends on who you're playing with.

Odin7773649d ago

Yeah it's really not that hard to kill the mech pilots. You're actually pretty vulnerable when you're driving them.

Blaster_Master3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

You guys are so boring. All you modern warfare lovers. The whole lot of ya. The Mechs and the way they move are so freakin cool looking and fun. I wonder why they didn't include them online in KZ2? I wish they would include the tanks from KZ2 as well.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3649d ago

They're not that difficult to kill if you know how. Also there's the wasp so..

Chaostar3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I would hate to see the mechs go completely, like almost everything else in the beta they have their place. Yes they are 'walking gun turrets' but they are also restricted in mobility of some key areas making them more of a hindrance during certain objectives.

There is a balance at work and one of the points of the beta tests is to find out what things tip the scale too far. I haven't seen anyone use mechs to a point that breaks the balance of the game. They are more like a spice that pop up now and again to give you different flavours of death.

Edit:@up yeah there's always that, it's not like you can hide or dodge while you're in that thing :) SQUIRREL!!

UP3649d ago

Also do not forget the mechs have places where the driver is able to be shot. Snipers can get rid of them easily.

raztad3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I dont agree with getting rid of the EXOS. They add a lot to the atmosphere and another dimension to the gameplay. EXOS just need some balancing.

BTW, discussion about EXOs are underway in beta forum GG devs already took notice and they know EXOs need to be rebalanced.

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The story is too old to be commented.