Sony's 10 greatest tech flops

GGG: We take a look at some Sony products that didn't win consumers' hearts and minds.

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Chaostar3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

All of these things just seem like demonstrations in technical prowess, I can see why they didn't catch on, but you have to admit, most are pretty cool.

Christopher3643d ago

I like the list, but it gets kind of week towards the end.

What I will say is that it's hard to find a company like Sony who goes all balls out with so many attempts to innovate. They fall flat on their face so often, but they get right back up and keep on going.

Gotta love how many failures they've had-or major issues with their success-due to their choice in media format. I was actually surprised to see BD win considering Sony's history with attempting to create proprietary media formats. Still pissed at the lack of a standard SD slot on my PSP, really hate the overpriced and limited file size Sony duo sticks.

Chaostar3643d ago

Gotta agree with you there, Duo Sticks are way overpriced and incompatible with any product without a Sony label. Luckily Sony make great digital cameras so I can share cards there.

I think BD succeeded because Sony partnered with many companies looking to introduce a HD format to the public. Unlike with Duo Stick or Minidiscs, which were more like single-handed, shameless attempts to gain 100% control over formats.

However even their 'failed' attempts at hardware are still good, quality products... just without a market to buy them.

MeatPopsicle3643d ago

"I was actually surprised to see BD win considering Sony's history with attempting to create proprietary media formats."

Oh god...

ForceCSW3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Any company on the planet has products and ideas that do not work out commercially. Granted a few of these items are "WTF were they thinking!?" worthy.
Also I'd love to see a Microsoft/Apple list, and you could probably write a book on Nintendo's failed add-ons.

Sayai jin3643d ago

Even though I agree with you. You contradict yourself. You say "Articles like this are pointless" then go on to say
"Also I'd love to see a Microsoft/Apple list, and you could probably write a book on Nintendo's failed add-ons"

game on.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Geez, that Tech it is from 1999. Sony was developing PS Move or the Motion controller Prototype in that time.

I wonder what tech is now developing Sony to be released in 2020.

DigitalRaptor3643d ago

Something of great quality and ahead of the curve - you can always count on that.

phatak3643d ago

Oled is not a failure, its the future

tinybigman3642d ago

and all tech companies have successes and failures period. this is not hard to understand.

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grumpysmurf3643d ago

I dont know what those things in the pic are, but I kinda want one.

csimpson3643d ago

Man, fair go! Sony products are generally great - it's Microsoft that's the problem! I mean, look at the Zune. What a lump of shit.

Fishy Fingers3643d ago

Tell me about it, anyway, cant waste all my time on N4G, gotta get some tunes on my minidisc.

Christopher3643d ago

Zune is far from a poor product. Lots of people love the user interface of the device, they just feel that it came too late to the game to openly compete with the already dominating iPod industry.

OmarsAccount3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Sorry, but the Zune brand is not a lump of shit. Apple media players may still be more popular, but Zune is easily 2nd place. 2nd place in a crowded market of music players is hardly considered a failure.

The Zune brand managed to get a marketplace for music, movies, videos, podcasts, etc. just like iTunes. Its all available on your TV from an Xbox 360 too. From experience, I think Zunes are amazing media players. Even if it is Microsoft's version of the iPod, I think it was done better [excluding the app store]

Sayai jin3643d ago

@csimpson - this article has nothing to do with MS.

Anyways, I love my Bravia TV and my PS3, but let me tell you as far as big name digital receivers/speakers, Sony's receivers are at the bottom of the list..Denon, Yamaha, klipsch...beat them hands down. I will not even go into Sony's car audio, head units are ok, but amps, speakers and subs are average at best.

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awiseman3643d ago

An article about sony products failing but it turns into an article about microsoft products....doing guass what? failing of course.

OtherWhiteMeat3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I "guess" spelling isn't one of your strong points.Think you should change your's full of failure.

TreMillz3643d ago

Sonys greatest

T9X693643d ago

Every company has it's flops. If this list was for MS instead of Sony, it would reach 1000 degrees easy.

n4gno3643d ago

The differences is : sony innovate each years, since many years, microsoft don't (or just a little : they are a software compagny first), so it's logic to see some "fails" in their long success story.

Ilikegames763643d ago

that MS does little innovation, heck the company was founded on an OS which they didn't invent. They stole Apple's GUI which Apple stole from somebody else. Apple stole the idea of mouse from Fujitsu. So the list goes on.

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