When the RPG Split Occurred

Original Gamer: "It's used to be RPGs were just RPGs. When did it all change?

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harlem_v13649d ago

True that turned off people but console gamers werent really aware until Morrowind came out.

Blaster_Master3649d ago

What do you mean unaware? Morrowind was cool cause it gave you choice, but it is no where near as good as rpg's from the NES to the ps2 era. Its so funny I see all these rpg's come out, and nothing has come close to the classics.

harlem_v13649d ago

What i mean is that console gamers didnt see that alternative to the JRPG until Morrowind. PC gamers have always had RPGs with more freedom, but console gamers never really knew about them.

ExplosionSauce3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Never say never.
A lot of people, myself included, are console gamer who were fully aware.
Some people just preferred console gaming and played what was available to them.

The main differences are in the gameplay(combat) and storytelling.

I loved the NES, Genesis, SNES, PS and PS2 RPGs.
Games in those generations had plenty of freedom and free roam. But most recently, a game like FF13 can give the rest of console JRPGs a bad name when it comes to "freedom".

Not sure what the percentage of people that are split on this is. I myself am more JRPG oriented, but I have a couple of friends who are more even about this and play both types.

Beahmscream3649d ago

The Deeper the RPG, the better. Now a days RPG Games just seem too casual

armycore3648d ago

RPGs back in the day werent that "deep".

CommonCent3649d ago

A New "Real" Baldur's Gate needs to come out to educate the masses.

kneebreaker3648d ago

You are so damn right about that.

GamingBuddha093648d ago

interesting read. i see it as the taste of gamers just change over the years. like with early and i mean early pc RPGs like Ultima, a lot of supplementary material was given in order to play, giving gamers a feeling that they arent just playing another character, they are that character. with the japanese they did the same but using character driven stories/narrative and we took to that for a couple of years. now i think we are yearning for the days that we had to pull out character sheets and the supplementary spell books trying to find away around the once a day turn the dead spell. or at least thats what i think