GoozerNation: Baseball Superstars 2011 Review

Thanks to the guys over at Gamevil, Goozernation was able to play Baseball Superstars 2011 before release. Here's a hands-on review of a very addicting game...

Baseball Superstars 2011 follows in the tradition of old-school baseball games, where the gameplay is simplified down to core elements.

Hitting is largely timing-based, as you can swing or bunt, and can move side-to-side in the batter’s box to influence where you hit the pitches. Pitching involves selecting your pitch and where you want it to go. You have your standard exhibition, season, and home run derby modes, but the mode that will keep you coming back to the game is My League mode, which lets you create a custom batter and pitcher to play through seasons, improving their stats through training and by completing events to get you G-Points that let you buy performance-enhancing items, omitting steriods. Oh boy, is this mode addicting. Have you ever lost sleep to an iTouch game? I know, right? It's that good.

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RyanDJ3649d ago

I love games that put a lighthearted spin on sports...too many are far too serious for gamers just looking for lighthearted fun. My favorite baseball game of all time was "Baseball" on the NES.

jha12233648d ago

Downloaded last years to give it a try. Definitely going to have to pick up the new one!

It certainly has an Eastern flair to it, but the game design is pretty sweet. I picked a fairly mediocre goal (BA above .250) and am working through the season for it.

I love games like this that can be picked up, play a few screens and just go right back to later that day.

eaglethorn3648d ago

It was pretty easy to keep over a .4 batting average. Once timing on hitting is done.... you'll win mvp every year.