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Kudo shrugs off Kinect criticism by saying that people on the internet are generally negative anyway

The man behind Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect has shrugged off the less then enthusiastic response that the motion camera has received from some elements of the internet games community.

“Well, people on the internet are generally negative anyway so I try not to get too bent out of shape about that” Kudo Tsunoda joked to MCV in an exclusive interview.

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Community3678d ago
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Shackdaddy8363678d ago

The negative part is true....

MinskyM3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

MS themselves know this.

They had to resort to faking two straight E3 demos of their motion controls. And then similar to the FFXIV fiasco tried to keep gaming sites from reviewing Kinetic.

EasilyTheBest3678d ago

.... well how come the 2 hrs I spent playing 4 different Kinect games, they all worked perfectly and were great fun, in fact, Adventures and Kinect Sports had a lot more to them than what we have seen on Youtube etc.
Have a look at the 1 hour IGN preview. It works.

deadreckoning6663678d ago

@EasilyTheBest- Where'd u play it?

BulletProofVess3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

idk how you could last 2hrs whether you liked it or not.

say you loved it..
you would have to have some pretty godly stamina to keep jumping and failing for that long

and your poor kinectimal probably got petted till he got bald spot

personally i dont like kinect that much
its fun for a little bit but it is not something i would play/interact with on a daily basis

RageAgainstTheMShine3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

So naturally, the people have to speak out, express themselves and correct their misinformation, brain washing and lies.

Perhaps sooner or later Microsoft will learn that they not all gamers are as gullible as they hope to think, can't fool everybody with their smokes and mirror freak shows and adverts like Milo & Kate, badly choreographed E3 presentations and outrageous claims as if the Eye Toy never existed before Kinect.

MinskyM3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

"It works."

Yes. And so does the years old PS2 era Eye Toy Kinetic is a copy of.

Microsoft has no one to blame but themselves for the Kinetic fiasco. They sat around while Sony and Nintendo spent years developing motion control tech. And then in desperation came years late to motion controls from a company both Nintendo and Sony passed on.

Just think back to Nintendo and the Wii in comparison. They showed up at E3 with an incredible and completely real live demo of the Wii. No fake or rigged demos like Microsoft tried to fool everyone with so poorly. They then let every single person who was willing to stand in line play amazing release quality games right there on the E3 show floor.

HolyOrangeCows3678d ago

".... well how come the 2 hrs I spent playing 4 different Kinect games, they all worked perfectly and were great fun?"

Because it's easy as having fingers to be a lying troll like you?

morganfell3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

He should take off the glasses. He isn't fooling anyone.

Everyone I know of in history that said something similar such as "The people hate me anyway" gave everyone a good reason to hate them.

Kinect is no different. People may be negative but his real issue is that a good number aren't sheep willing to be fooled by some Jim Jones drink the kool aid Monday night pre-E3 show. I haven't seen anything so fake since Pam Anderson took her clothes off.

Get over it Kudo, not everyone is a sucker.

gigaware3678d ago

Hi 8-bit! worried much? 2 hour old account ranting like 8-bit

MeatPopsicle3678d ago

>So naturally, the people have to speak out, express themselves and correct their misinformation, brain washing and lies.

Microsoft has managed to piss off just about everyone possible with Kinetic:

1. Nintendo fans - 4 years late to the motion control party and they are suddenly trying act like they are an innovator

2. Xbox fans - Can you imagine the reaction you would have gotten five years ago when the Xbox 360 launched and you showed them what the Xbox 360 would turn into? An Eye Toy clone with a mass of casual shovelware motions games.

3. PS3 fans - A copy of last gen PS2 era motion control tech from Sony that Microsoft is now trying to pretend is somehow their own invention.

radphil3678d ago

@EasilyTheBest- Where'd u play it?

I would like to know this as well. I've had a chance to try it out at Gamestop Conferences.

GamingGamer3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

then prove it by posting a video or something

all user kinect videos on youtube has lag and occasional glitches. not to mention inaccuracy problems.

i played in NYC macy weeks ago and it didnt work.

i played joy ride for couple min. lag makes it hard to make quick changes while sometimes it thinks i am turning left if i steer too far to right.

randomwiz3678d ago

Personally, I think Kinect is pretty cool, but its following in the wii's footsteps. Its going to have a great first impression on you, but after 1 week, its going to be sitting by the tv, collecting dust. Maybe the occasional xbox play, xbox pause when im too lazy to reach for the remote right next to me, but most of the time off.

I've made a mistake with the wii, im not going to repeat it with Kinect. $150 is just way too much to pay for something I'm only going to use the first day I get it, and days when I have guests over so I can show them how cool it is. Maybe if it was $50-75, this thing would have been flying off the shelves.

AAACE53678d ago

And who says people on the internet aren't negative... just look at the comments here!

Anon19743678d ago

I could see it if we were just talking about some bad internet buzz, but that's not what this is about. This isn't just skepticism on internet forums. I could understand if it was limited to that. This is widespread skepticism throughout the entire gaming industry, from retailers to journalists, from fans to developers. Sure, there are some who have been singing the praises of Kinect, but they certainly haven't been in the majority since E3. We're not just talking a few malcontents on the interwebs.

Boody-Bandit3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Giga you join 7 days ago and all your post are one sided. I will let others draw the conclusions of where I am going with that.

On topic:
So now they are going to play the victim?
No Kudo the people that are negative are the ones that can see through the fog that is everything MS has shown of Natal / Kinect.

We were led to believe at E3 09 that Natal was going to be the great and powerful Oz. Which is exactly what it appears to be once you pull back the curtains and all you are left with is smoke and mirrors. This is only a device for casuals. We, well I wont speak for all 360 gamers, want new IP's, new and improved sequels, revised old games long since forgotten and a glimpse into the future of where MS will headed next.

Instead we get Kinect. A device purely for casual gamers. Soccer moms, granny and little kids. Other than an exclusive or two not yet announced, we have Gears of War 3 to look forward to late 2011. Sorry but to me this looks like Nintendo all over again.

We will not forget the core gamers that brought us this far. We will still support, bring, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda. Nintendo all but abandon their core fans with only a few exceptions and even those feel mostly casual now. I have a bad feeling if Kinect takes off you will do the same.

Prove me wrong. Until then stop your belly aching. The proof is in the games. Again the only one I see on the horizon is Gears 3. I just hope Epic doesn't sell themselves out and try to add some lame Kinect implementation just to try and get guys like me to purchase one. I will pass on both before that happens and I love me some Gears.

harrisk9543678d ago

Yeah... it works... /s

That's why MS is only just sending out review copies to the media and has an embargo in place until release day! This happens when a bad movie is released. They don't allow reviews of the movie until after it is out. If MS was confident, they would have allowed the gaming media to actually play the thing and post reviews prior to the games coming out.

ComboBreaker3678d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Why does this quote remind me of the picture of the bent-out-of-shape bottom-of-an-avatars'-shoe picture?

radphil3677d ago

Also, it's cute how I got 2 disagrees for even stating that I played the unit with substance, yet the guy up top has 12 yet not even backing up his facts.

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Mista T3678d ago ShowReplies(1)
Carlos_Irwin_Estevez3678d ago

I appreciate the guy wants to come accross as tier 1, but its like lady gaga hijacked his style meeting.

The taliban would spot him from 3 miles away, and it would be BAM there it is!

BAM BAM BAM, there it is u would see the bottom of Kudo.

units3678d ago

but internet has given every voice so there is very little kudo could do about

soljah3678d ago

the guy might be right about us INTERNET fools but this guy better be careful of who he choices to pick on. the INTERNET can be quite hostile and influential. don't give them a reason to get angry.

Sony3603678d ago

The internet can suck my fat one.

There, let's see what happens.

Balt 3678d ago ShowReplies(2)
gigaware3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

True the web forums are basically made up of combative people. But what Kinect is and will be going through is an all out assault on the tech. Reasons: Envy, fear of console of choice being defeated, Nationalism or National favoritism, image of having the latest tech for console/brand of choice being threatened, brand loyalty.

Lyr1c3678d ago

Or the simple fact that this isn't the direction we want our games to go?

Ever think about that? No, of course not. You're too busy complaining about fanboyism to come up with an alternate, legitimate point.

gamerdude1323678d ago

Ow. Need some ice for that burn? Or some medicated skin ointment?